The women’s golf team battle inclement weather at Vulcan Invitational

Alex Geli
Sports Writer

Maybe Jamie Wharton stole mother nature’s boyfriend in high school; Kendal Olear might have even stolen her spot at the lunch table – whatever it was that the lady golfers of Millersville did to the poor old lady, it hasn’t been forgiven.
Mother Nature has needed a tissue for the past two weekends, as a not-so-fond memory has caused her to send rain upon the women’s golf team of Millersville on back-to-back events – first at the Clarion Invitational last weekend, then at the Vulcan Invitational this weekend. Just like the previous competition, freshman Wharton, who shot an 87 in the first round, dropped down the leaderboard in the second round of play because of the rainy conditions with a  score of 90. The other freshman, Olear, treaded on to improve six shots in the second half of play, just like she did at Clarion.
“We didn’t have a great second day,” interim coach Ron Weaver said, “It was tough.”
It seemed like déjà vu all over again as the cold and rainy conditions hindered his girls’ play for a second-straight weekend. But one piece was missing.
Amber Rohrer, a veteran junior who paced the two youngsters in Wharton and Olear along the non-favorable conditions a week prior, was out with a shoulder injury.
“It just started irritating her at Clarion,” the interim coach said. Although not being able to lead her team at the Vulcan Invitational this past weekend, she is doing all she can to be out there for the Kutztown Fall Invitational through October 6th and 7th. “She’s working with the trainer,” Weaver said.

Rohrer hopes to make an impressive comeback in the near future.

With the team down a woman, Wharton and Olear were left to carry the load themselves. Wharton seemed to be showing off her muscles as she cruised through the first round with the heavy burden in third place overall. As the chilly weather came the next day, things were different. Along with the temperature, the weight pulled Wharton down to fourth, then fifth, then sixth, and finally seventh place by the end of the day on Sunday.
Olear, the only other golfer for interim coach Weaver’s squad to participate, didn’t let the rain dampen her chances of crawling up the leaderboard. From 3rd-to-last to 22nd she went, making her best efforts to retreat from the bottom of the standings. Although neither Marauder golfer seemed to have their A-game on Sunday, interim coach Weaver didn’t think the results quite match what he saw at the Cedarbrook Golf Course in Belle Vernon, PA.
“The scores weren’t reflective of their improvement,” Weaver said, but being frank and adding, “You don’t always play your best day-in and day-out.”
As Wharton and Olear definitely are traveling to Kutztown next weekend, they’re hoping they have their final piece of the puzzle back and ready to play.
“We’re hoping Rohrer’s activated this weekend,” Weaver said, although admitting “I’m going to be a little concerned.”
Rohrer just may be a little rusty if she’s able to come back, but anything to get the “Big Three” up and running again.  “Sometimes being away from the game makes you play harder,” Weaver said.
Her teammates and interim coach are staying positive about the junior’s possible return, but only time will tell as they make their way to Berkliegh Golf Club next weekend.
But who knows? Some things just may not be under their control. If rain falls for the third tournament in a row, mother nature might have a bigger grudge against the three lady Marauders than anyone thought. On the other hand, if she can hold off her tears for a few days, look for Rohrer, Wharton, and Olear to get back into the “swing” of things.