Cat Ardes
Opinion Writer

With the presidential election just a little over two weeks away we can see that each candidate is squeezing in every bit of campaigning strategy while they can. We are constantly reminded of them by signs in front of houses, commercials, constant news segments and now, the debates.  You would think popularity contests were left back in high school but with politics, it never ends, and having money plays a big part in that. Since it is getting down to the wire, I find myself becoming very disappointed in both candidates.
Before the debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, I really liked Obama. I thought he stood for a few great things such as letting everyone have their basic rights, and he still does. But what is slowly starting to make me rethink my vote is the way he has been handling his campaigning. Yes, I understand Romney made a very stupid comment about ‘Big Bird’, but to use that in your campaigning in the last weeks isn’t very mature. I’d rather see him constantly talk about how he plans to turn this economy around and how he’d like to handle the next four years rather than nitpick over petty comments that his rival made. His economic plan is not favored by many people, mostly small business owners, and I would really like to see him justify his plan and make a turnaround with it.
Romney isn’t any different for me, I feel that his advertisements and campaigning have been all about bashing Obama instead of stating what he wants to do for the next four years. While watching the debate, he definitely didn’t make me feel any better about who Obama was running against. The constant talking over our president and saying what he did wrong just seems really inexperienced and not well thought out. Aside from Obama, Romney’s economic plan is mostly favored, but what people really want to hear next to a “good economic” plan (if there is such a thing) is letting someone have their basic rights. I would really like to see Romney stop bringing his religion into politics and start thinking about what is morally right for our country.
I understand politics get dirty, very dirty, and for the rest of our lives no one will ever fully agree on one thing. It will always come down to who has the most money and campaigning will always take over that year before election day. Unless the candidates do something to make me turn my decision around, I know who I will be voting for, but with little confidence. Your decision on November 6 will be a big choice for the next four years and will have major impacts. I hope everyone takes advantage of their right to vote and goes to the polls on election day.