Erica Maxwell
Features Writer

Ireland is known for its mystic sights, which inspired myths for years.

College can open up many doors for students; one of these doors is the opportunity to travel. Millersville University is offering a summer class that will include a trip to Northern Ireland.
Northern Ireland is a spectacular land filled with the sounds of the past and the beauty that the people create legends about. This summer, students have been given the opportunity to spend 11 days in Northern Ireland and receive three course credits.
The course is led and was created by Dr. Dominic Scott, who used to live in Belfast, Ireland, making him the perfect person to give students this chance of a lifetime. Many students have probably seen the flyers around campus and have been wondering what the trip may entail. Dr. Scott’s assistant Karen is running the MU Ireland Summer Facebook page and is more than willing to answer any student’s questions when it comes to the trip.
She explained that the trip used to only be ten days but at students’ request the trip was extended by one more day. Karen was able to give a pretty detailed yet quick overview of the trip: “The first three nights of the trip are spent in Belfast. Some of the highlights in Belfast are meeting with former paramilitary members, visiting an integrated school, attending traditional music sessions, and exploring the Titanic center and exhibit.”
Karen adds, “From Belfast we will move onto Glencolumbkille in County Donegal for three nights. This town is quintessential Ireland. There are far more sheep and cows than people. Here we move at a relaxed pace, taking strolls to the beach, leisurely exploring the seaside cliffs, and hill walking at Sliabh Liag.”
After hearing more about the trip Savannah Harrison expressed her interest: “When I saw the flyer I just thought it would be a trip filled with lectures, but after seeing what the Facebook page had to say I have decided to look further into it.”
Karen explained that the next two nights are spent in Derry, where students are engulfed in the history of the land, exploring the site of “Bloody Sunday” and visiting the memorial of those who lost their lives.
The final days of the trip seem like the most relaxing portion of the trip. Karen explains, “Our last two nights are spent in Cushendall. This is a sleepy seaside village on the famous Antrim Coast. We cross Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge, tour the ruins of Dunluce Castle, and climb about the Giant’s Causeway.”

Travelers get to experience vistas like this one.

Savannah Harrison believes that the last few nights of the trip sounds like the most peaceful: “seems like a chance to really take in all the beauty that Ireland has to offer.”
The trip that Dr. Scott offers is without a doubt the chance of a lifetime. Millersville is giving students an opportunity to expand their horizons and take in a culture in which many people have roots.
There are only 14 spots available to take part in the course. Those who are interested in more information should contact Dr. Dominic Scott and should explore the Facebook page: MU Ireland Summer Course.