Vi Le
News Writer

Under the pseudonym Jerry Christy, songwriter Jerry Buescher, has been composing music for more than 25 years with six No. 1 songs featured on the international charts, along with five songs in the Top 20 charts.  He recently produced a Christmas musical that focuses on the nativity of Jesus Christ entitled, Messiah: The cradle that rocked the World.  The musical was written by his son, James Roy Buescher, and Koldasee, a Christian Gospel band.

After James’ passing in a car accident in 2010, the members of Koldasee decided to finish writing the play.

James Roy Buescher, musical writer of “Messiah: The Cradle that Rocked the Earth,” who passed away in 2010.

Tri-Star productions, which is composed of Millersville University, Millersville University Gospel Choir, and Koldasee, will be producing the musical. The members of the band include Deb Miller, Cheryl Hodges, Jonathan Lobaugh and Jerry Buescher, who will be providing the instrumentals for the musical.  The Millersville University Gospel Choir will provide the singing.

So far there have been two performances of Messiah at The Ware Center, located at 42 N. Prince St. in downtown Lancaster.  The musical is currently not in production, but negotiations are being made and the night of Dec. 16 is pending a confirmation date.  Buescher and The Millersville University Gospel Choir, under the direction of Elder Kiheem Bynum, are hoping to go to churches to perform Messiah at various church events.

“The play that we’re doing is a very powerful Christmas story.  We’re taking the characters Mary, Joseph, and the Three Wise Men, and we’re putting them down to a living level, meaning they are not heroes, they are ordinary people.  She [Mary], according to history, was only 12 years old.  He [Joseph], according to history, was 40 years old.  He was a black man and she was a white woman, according to history, because they came from a Mideastern culture,” stated Buescher. “The musical is about the greatest story ever told.  That’s what they say about the Christmas story.  But it’s a Christmas story about real, down-to-earth people.  It’s a musical, it has a quality that is unbelievable.  We performed it here at the Ware Center and we got standing ovations, curtain calls, and everything.  They loved it!”

When asked what message Messiah was trying to convey to the audience Buescher replied,
“The reason I started doing music was because the music was turning very violent.  The Pumpkins were beating guitars on stage and Kiss [the rock band] had their tongues down to their ankles.  It was really getting no value, in my opinion, so I decided there’s something better.  So I geared my music to people who necessarily didn’t believe in religion, but common sense said to them, ‘There’s gotta be something, there’s too much order.’  That’s what my music tells people:  There’s something out there.”

The banner for the musical, which has a pending date of December 16, entitled “Messiah: The Cradle that Rocked the Earth.”

The general admission for the musical is $15.  Free viewings of the performance are available by invitation only.  Twenty-five percent of the musical’s proceeds will be returned to the church or the organization where they perform.  Additional proceeds will benefit the arts of music and writing, The Millersville University Gospel Choir, and The James Buescher Memorial Scholarship Fund at MU, which was established by Tri-Star Productions.

James was a published playwright at age 16 with a number of manuscripts, about 80 stories and four plays.  He won six national writing awards and was chosen by five magazines as one of the four top writers that they considered the best from all of the colleges.  One of those magazines was Dramatics magazine, a monthly magazine that was published by the Educational Theatre Association for high school theater students and teachers.  He was a graduate of Wake Forest University and taught at the University of Slovakia for one year.  Additionally, he taught at Harvard University for one year.

“The Puppet Cries” is a song by Koldasee that is being played on radio stations throughout the U.S. in order to generate funding for the musical production.  To hear a sample of “The Puppet Cries” visit: