Student Senate Recap

Becca DeVerter
Senate Recording Secretary

New senators are pictured holding their MU banner.

On October 4, the five new Student Senators who won the New Senator Elections were inducted.  Congratulations to Katelyn Thomson, Randi Chrismer, Allie Vogel, Michael Brockett, and Calvin Warfield for both winning the New Student Elections and being inducted! As well as these five individuals, William Sahrhage IV, Ann Clawges, Samantha D’Innocenzo, Alex Dimarzio, Sarah Holland, Parth Pate, and Nick Stauffer were inducted. On October 11, the second Presidential Candidate for the University, Dr. Soray Coley visited the Student Senate meeting before she hadto go back home, and talked about how happy she was to spend a couple of days in Millersville and get to see the student body and faculty. Melissa Smith, Vincent Sorentino, and Olayinka Osibodu were inducted.  We are all very excited to have these new Senators and cannot wait to see what they will accomplish!  Also, Maribeth Jaeske was elected as our new Corresponding Secretary.  On Saturday, October 13 the Student Senate and University Activities Board took part in the homecoming parade, and Pride Chairs Brandon and Jen hosted a “Color Fight” on the quad—thank you for everyone who attended and took part in the festivities!