Ways to overcome the rainy day blues

Hayley Addesa
Features Writer

Rainy days are not uncommon at Millersville. They are so normal that students simply cannot avoid them. Unfortunately, with a change of seasons we face the new challenge of overcoming rain and cold, which is a task that can be easily handled with a few pieces of advice.
For starters, your day can be changed by the use of an umbrella. In Millersville an umbrella is an extremely important investment. Whether you prefer your umbrellas to be small, big, bubbled, or golf-style it is a necessary item to keep with you on days that call for a chance of rain. We are all well acquainted with the torrential downpours that seem to be happening more often.
Prepare yourself and invest in a sturdy umbrella. Stores like Target and Walmart have tons of options for any buyer looking for a good umbrella, and depending your price range you are certain to find something to cater to your needs. Keep in mind, on a particularly windy day you don’t want to end up with an inside-out umbrella, so choose wisely.

Beat the rainy day bummer of wet feet by investing in a good set of rain boots to keep your feet dry.

Rain boots are another helpful item to have that will make your life so much easier on a rainy day. Not only do you have the benefit of dry feet but you also get to be adventurous and walk off the beaten path. With a good pair of galoshes and liners inside, you are set to have warm feet for the day. Since they seem to be the new “in” thing there is a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from.
Gearing up for a rainy day isn’t the only way to brave the gloom; there are methods to pick up your mood before you head out to class. Leaving the dorms in a good mood is one of the keys to making the most of the rainy day.
First, listening to music is always a good idea for a mood boost. Pick something upbeat to which you can dance. To get really happy, just let go and dance. It works to pick up your mood and act as a stress reliever. Letting yourself be goofy is a great way to pick up your mood.
For the more ambitious crowd, working out is another great way to raise your mood level on a rainy day. Whether you decide to stay in your room or go to the fitness center to exercise, it all makes a difference. Exercising, even moderately, releases endorphins.

Listening to music can make any day relaxing.

Endorphins are neurotransmitters in the brain that when released create a feeling of happiness and wellbeing. This is something that can easily be achieved, as I said, in your dorm room. Search a workout on Youtube and follow along with that. After completion you will achieve more than just a better mood.
When it is rainy and cold the thing most people would like to do is sleep. For the less ambitious crowd, sleeping can be another method to boost your mood. The important thing about napping is not doing it all day; try and keep it to a half an hour. Sleeping the day away can actually cause more tired and grumpy feelings and can lead to a lack of sleep during the night. A quick power nap, however, is a great idea to relax yourself before taking on the rest of gloomy rainy day.
It is impossible to completely avoid a bad weather day; the only thing that can be done is make the best of the situation. Using resources to our advantage can make or break a rainy day. Don’t let the doom and gloom get you down.