Binge on the facts

Laura Maginley
Assoc. News Editor

Alcohol Awareness Week made its presence known on Millersville University’s campus this past week by hosting an assortment of events and distributing information to the campus community. “It is important for students to be aware of the dangers of alcohol and how students can still have fun while making smart choices about drinking,” said Jayme Trogus, director of the Elsie. S. Shenk Wellness & Women’s Program on campus.
The week’s events included an exercise with beer goggles, root beer pong, how to be a “lifesaver” to others, church beliefs relating to alcoholism, the importance of not drinking and driving and an interactive contest by tweeting smart choices at @WandWcenterMU for a chance to win a University gift card. The theme for the week is #makeSMARTchoices, which ties the social media factor into this week, while also spreading the word.
Students on campus seeking help can visit the Counseling Center, because they have a certified addictions counselor on their staff. John Baltzer can assist students with alcohol and other drug concerns. Additionally, Alcoholics Anonymous has local media that students can participate in. More information can be found by contacting the Counseling Center for details.
“Several avenues of education for students include our office, Health Services, the Wellness and Sports Sciences Department, Counseling Center and the Millersville University Police Department,” explained Trogus.
Trogus comments that students should be open to educating themselves about alcohol. “Students should be open to educating themselves about alcohol. While many have received education prior to coming to college, many students will say that the way in which they were educated and the messages that were conveyed were negative and have turned them away from wanting to learn about alcohol. Our office promotes risk reduction strategies. While consuming alcohol under the age of 21 is illegal, we understand that some students may make the decision to drink. We think it is important to provide students, who choose to consume alcohol, with risk reduction strategies such as consuming no more than one standard drink an hour, using a designated driver, eating before/while/after drinking, and staying with a group of friends.
I would also let students know that they don’t have to drink at MU to fit in or have a good time. The university offers a lot of weekend activities that don’t involve alcohol. Most MU students make good choices when it comes to alcohol,” stated Trogus.