Luke Helker
Staff Writer

Last Saturday night, the Chameleon Club welcomed Streetlight Manifesto into Lancaster with open arms. Now I’ve been to the Chameleon Club a lot and have seen some pretty big name bands headline the venue, but I’ve never seen a band like Streetlight draw in a crowd as big as last nights. The first floor was absolutely packed.

The first band to open up the night was a band out of Oregon called the Chicharones. They were a bit of an odd bunch because they had two vocalists, a rapper who looked like Jonah Hill another rapper who did a lot of singing as well. Their guitar looked like he belonged with Emmure, the bassist looked like Snoop Dogg (correction he’s now Snoop Lion) and the drummer looked like that guy from the Office who was obsessed with his stapler. To top it off they had a DJ who wore a pig mask. By looking at them, it’s hard to picture what they would sound like or if they would be good, but they were absolutely great. They had a real Beastie Boys vibe and the rapper who looked like Jonah Hill was an incredibly fast rapper killed it. They were a really fun band that had a lot going on musically and I would definitely try to see them again.

The second band was a four piece called Lionize. With one guitar player. One bassist, a keyboard player, and a drummer, this band had very bluesy-slightly-reggae-experimental sound to them. I thought they were great as well, but they were the kind of band that are good for a half hour and then it gets boring. They ended up playing an hour set, which I thought was a bit much, but oh well. They were still an incredibly tight group of guys and put on a great show.

Finally, the moment we were all waiting for. For those of you reading this who are not familiar with who/what Streetlight Manifesto are, they are a ska group. They’re one of those groups thought they right such great songs, lyrics, and hooks that even if you despise ska, there is no reason to not like this band (Listen to the album Somewhere in the Between if you want to get of the Streetlight train). They absolutely kill live too. I was with people who were seeing this band for the 5th and even 9th time and said that Streetlight never fail live. The band is comprised of a guitar player/ lead vocalist, a bassist, a drummer, and a four person horn line (1 bari sax, 1 tenor/ alto sax, 1 trombone, and 1 trumpet ). This group of seven are so tight and the musicians in the horn line are some of the best on their respective instruments. Playing a show of mainly songs from their album Somewhere in the Between, they played a blistering hour long set and had Lancaster city in the palm of their hands.

It was such a great show. I would see it all again in a heartbeat and I’m not even a big ska fan, but they’re transcends ska into awesomeness. Plain and simple.

You HAVE to get involved with this band. You won’t be disappointed.