Nicole Schaffer
Features Writer

Rather than purchasing a Halloween costume this year, consider looking no further than your own closet. Many ordinary clothes you wear on a daily basis can be transformed into a creative Halloween costume. Although classic characters such as a witch, a pirate, or a ghost may be the standard “can’t go wrong” outfits, there are many different costume ideas yet to be discovered.

Where’s Waldo? The black glasses to complete the costume can be bought at Claires.

Halloween 2012 has many new and unique ideas to offer. Males may consider embracing the upcoming election and dressing up as one of the presidential candidates by donning a suit and wearing a propaganda pin or making a campaign poster to hold. For females, the recent movie “The Hunger Games” offers the popular character of Katniss Everdeen. Adopt her look by braiding your hair to one side, wearing a black V-neck and dark cargo pants, donning an oversize jacket, and wearing boots.

Or dress up like a winner of the summer Olympics by carrying a medal and wearing a sporty outfit. A popular idea for couples is to dress up like Prince William and Duchess Kate.  This look would include a suit for a guy and a classy dress for a girl.

However, if you don’t want to embrace pop culture costume ideas, there are many other options to try. Fans of board games may consider using the game of Twister as inspiration. The game mat can become a dress, or a game mat-inspired costume can be made by taping circular colored dots onto an all-white outfit. Both men and women can turn the spinner into a hat to complete this costume.

Grapes are an easy costume to make using balloons and green tights.

There are various ways to express your love of food through costumes by using balloons. Become a walking bunch of grapes by wearing green or purple and buying balloons to attach to the front of your body. Fill up a translucent plastic bag with different colored balloons and transform into a walking bag of jelly beans.

If you are looking for a quirky idea, tie a shoe onto your head and wear all pink to become a piece of gum stuck underneath a shoe. Waldo from the much loved children’s book can come to life by wearing a white and red striped shirt, beanie hat, and blue jeans.  A lesser-known image is that of the Morton Salt girl who can easily be recreated by wearing a yellow dress and carrying a light colored umbrella.

If none of these ideas inspire you, consider looking on the Internet and browsing Pinterest boards or check out’s list, Halloween Costume Ideas: 50 Unique and Weird Ideas.   Whichever creative outfit idea you decide to wear this Halloween, people everywhere will be enamored with your unique look.