Aaron Sanders
Opinion Writer

The Water Street Ministry Clothing Drive has a mission to clothe the homeless. Collection bins can be found in McComsey, Roddy/Caputo, Byerly, Lyle, Chryst, Pucillo, Stayer, Upper Deck, and Health Services.

Dr. Farkas’ Reading & Writing For Civic Engagement Class (ENGL 342) and Volunteer Central are having a campuswide class project: students in the course will collect clothing for the Water Street Ministry Clothing Drive.
The class decided to complete this project because clothing the homeless is a formidable issue during this time of year, due to the decrease in temperature. It is the goal of the class of English 342 to help gather clothing for the homeless this upcoming winter.
Water Street Ministries provides shelter to the homeless in Lancaster City; the objective of the organization is to heighten the awareness of homelessness while combating it through nonprofit efforts. The organization provides food, clothing, and a safe haven for men, women, and children who are homeless or living in extreme poverty.
Founded in 1905, Water Street Ministries has helped the homeless in Lancaster, Pa. for decades. Water Street’s mission is to engage neighboring citizens in community participation in a fashion that they hope would bring an end to homelessness.
Water Street’s ultimate goal is to assist the homeless as they prepare them for a sustainable lifestyle. This charitable organization is the only year-round emergency shelter in Lancaster.
Because of this, they rely on donations from members of the community so they can sustain the program as a non-profit. The clothing collection bins will be in place from Wednesday, Oct. 17 to Nov. 3 in the following buildings: McComsey, Roddy/Caputo, The Student Memorial Center, Byerly, Lyle, Chryst, Pucillo, Stayer, Upper Deck, and Health Services.
Any of these locations listed are suitable designations for students and faculty to donate their clothing. Donations of any kind are appreciated, but men’s jeans, women’s pajamas, coats, children’s clothing ranging from third grade to high school, twin bed sheets, and blankets are needed the most as the winter approaches.
After the conclusion of the clothing drive, the class of English 342 will transport all donated clothing to Water Street Ministries.
Dr. Farkas and Volunteer Central are encouraging all students and faculty members to participate in this project. In addition, there will be a radio commercial airing during the clothing drive courtesy of WIXQ (the campus radio station). Flyers will also be distributed around campus with contact information and sites of the collection bins.
The Volunteer Central website can be used also to receive any additional information about the clothing drive.