Millersville ice hockey defeats St. Joseph’s in nail-biter

Chris Norton
Sports Editor

In a dramatic game, the Marauders were able to hold on to their one-goal lead with time expiring in the third period.

On Saturday, October 20th, the Millersville Ice Hockey team faced off against the St. Joseph’s Hawks in what proved to be a nail-biter.
Early in the game, the Hawks took advantage of a Marauder penalty by turning it into a 1-0 lead after St. Joseph’s Frank Carto sent a bullet from the blue line, which made its way past numerous defenders into the back of the net.
After regrouping themselves, Millersville came back with a vengeance. Chris Collins sent a pass from deep within Marauder territory to Zach Juliano, who then cleared the puck to Freshman Austin Reaser. Reaser seized the opportunity and snapped the puck past the Hawks goalie, Kyle van Osten, to tie the game at one. Once momentum was on their side, Millersville never looked back, scoring two more unanswered goals. The first came from Read Bohon after he was given a wide open net following a passing frenzy from Mike Carpenter, and Nick Mullarkey. The second goal was scored off of a costly mistake by van Osten, who attempted to slap the puck away, only to find Andrew Quintois waiting eagerly. Quintois gave the Marauders a two-score lead.
In the second period, Millersville’s luck began to dwindle. Numerous penalties lead to a decreased sense of disposition among the team, and they found themselves abundant with miscommunication. St. Joseph’s made no mistake in this brief window of opportunity, scoring two goals to tie the game at three.
With such a sudden comeback, the Marauders realized they were far from holding a comfortable lead. After a Hawks penalty, Read Bohon took a shot towards the net, which caught the stick of Bobby Snyder to sneak past van Osten, once again giving Millersville the lead.
Before the end of the period, Cyle Knopf was able to outsmart his defender and skate past him, leading to a successful shot putting the Marauders ahead by two. He managed to score with the help of Mackenzie Sapia and Jake Bongiovanni, who both displayed brilliant passing just before the score.
With a victory in sight, Millersville refused to let off the throttle. Joe Vendetti sent a onetimer into the net for his first goal of the season, and a threescore lead over St. Joseph’s.
With time expiring late in the third, the Hawks showed a second wind, scoring two more to pull the game within one score. However, the Marauders refused to let such a hard fought game fall into the hands of their opponent. They kept the score at 6-5 as the third period ended, giving Millersville a 4-5 record on the season.
For their next match, the Marauders take on the Seton Hall Pirates at home on Friday, October 26th.
Come out and show your support for a team who’s been fighting all season, and will continue to do so, to put Millersville Ice Hockey on the map.