Say “yes” to breakfast

Julie Raffensperger
Associate Features Editor

Freshman Bonnie Lynch enjoys a nice nutritious breakfast.

Remember the early morning routine in elementary school? You had cereal and toast or a hot plate of eggs and bacon waiting for you on the table. At the very least, your mom or dad would shove a napkin-wrapped, buttery English muffin into your hand as you rushed after the bus.
No matter how small, that one important meal would at least hold you over until the bell rang for lunchtime.
With the crazy schedule of a college student, breakfast is often forgotten. Despite the hectic morning schedule, it remains the most important meal of the day.
You should always make time to grab at least a little something to eat before you run out the door.
Eating breakfast in the morning has a variety of benefits such as supplying you with energy for the day, promoting a healthy eating pattern, giving you the ability to focus throughout the day, and other nutrition benefits.
It has even been suggested that college students who nourish themselves with a good breakfast in the morning get better test scores. This is probably due to the fact that it is much easier to focus in class when you do not have the added distraction of an empty stomach.
“I think breakfast is important, but often I do not have time. When I do eat in the morning, I usually eat a banana and have orange juice,” said senior Catie Zalit.
This is the main issue: time. Although it may seem like a pain to fix yourself breakfast every morning, you are denying yourself nutrition and setting yourself up for a potentially miserable day.
“Typically I try to skip breakfast in the morning. Even though it wakes up the mind, I tend to lose focus because if I eat just after waking up, it kills my stomach for an hour or two. So for classes I skip breakfast, but for days where I do an early workout and I can burn it off quickly with no morning classes I’ll have breakfast,” stated Gregg McCambley, a recent Millersville graduate.
In cases such as this, the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group suggests, “Try having a glass of water or juice when you first wake up and eat breakfast after an hour or so when your appetite has increased.”
Breakfast provides you with the energy you need for the day. With the inevitable fatigue and empty stomach, it is nearly impossible to focus during class.
When you are making your breakfast, go for something natural and ideally packed with protein. Anything with whole grains or whole wheat, eggs, fresh fruit, granola, or yogurt are smart foods to start off your morning.
Even leftovers from the night before are not bad if you are really feeling hungry.
If you are not hungry in the morning, it may be a good idea to pack something small with you to snack on later in the day. Kaiser Permanente Medical Group gave tips such as packing string cheese, whole wheat crackers, or yogurt.
Fruits are also a good option because they are easy to grab and pack without spoiling due to their natural barriers.
The next time you find yourself about to head out the door with just a cup of coffee, think about adding a quick piece of peanut butter toast or some fruit.
Anything from grabbing a quick apple to making a homemade breakfast wrap will boost your energy for the day and keep you focused.
All in all, your body is better able to tackle the day with the energy of a good breakfast provided in the morning.