Becca DeVerter
Senate Recording Secretary

Last week, Dr. Chuck Ward, philosophy chair andMillersville president of APSCUF,presented to senate and some ofthe student body more informationabout the vote to authorizea strike that became known tocampus this past week. Dr. AmintaBreaux, vice president ofstudent affairs, was also presentduring the meeting to answerquestions. Justin Miller, vice presidentof Student Senate, made the applicationsto join Student Senateavailable through Senate’s “GetInvolved” page, so it will be easierfor interested students to accessthem and is moreeco-friendly. If anyone is interested injoining, you can find the applicationsin the Forms sectionof the Student Senate’s “Get Involved” page, and there are also copies locatedoutside our office in SMCroom 118 F. Our meetingsare at 6:30 p.m. every Thursday in SMC meeting room 118—come and let your voice be heard!