$85 million: Goal surpassed

Laura Maginley
Assoc. News Editor

The goal of $85 million has been reached for Millersville University’s “Capital Campaign” and was exceeded by $150,000. This campaign, which was the largest in the University’s history, provided funding for eight specific areas, including study-faculty research & faculty development, Ganser Library, global opportunities, scholarships & fellowships, student health & wellness, instructional equipment, civic engagement & community partnerships and visual and performing arts.
By visiting the Capital Campaign page, the members of that particular committee are listed, in addition to student success stories from each of the eight areas. The page can be found at
The campaign has had the support of 11,245 donors, including 487 corporations and 10,758 individuals. The initiative began in 2006 with the goal of raising $60 million, according to LancasterOnline. However, once the campaign picked back up again in 2010, due to the economy in 2009, the goal of $60 million was already met. The cabinet decided to expand the goal to $85 million.
Matching dollars from the state, public grants, corporate sponsorships and gifts from staff, alumni and foundations contributed to the larger sum.
The Soar to Greatness Campaign celebrated at a reception, which was located at the Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center on October 11. Attendees at the event were able to witness the premiere of “Horizons,” a commissioned work by composer Jonathan Leshnoff, in honor of Caroline Steinman Nunan, local philanthropist and donor to the University who passed away in July 2010.
The campaign doesn’t officially end until December 31 and donations are still being accepted.