Erica Maxwell
Features Writer

Every student that sets foot on a college campus is faced with the temptation to consume alcohol, usually in large quantities. Many college campuses in the nation have taken on the task of holding an Alcohol Awareness week, with activities that can teach students about the risks of binge drinking and how to make responsible choices.
According to Inter-Association Task Force on Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse Issues (IATF) website, they have reached out to over 1,000 colleges and universities to join in teaching students how to be more aware of the negative effects binge drinking can bring about.

The lines on a solo cup are not just to make it easier to hold. They can also be used to determine serving sizes of alcohol.

Their goal is to not only teach students about the risks involved in drinking too much but also how to be responsible when doing so; to know when you are safe and when you are not; and what kind of people you should surround yourself with. The task force also focuses on teaching the students not to drink and drive and to never get into a vehicle with someone who has been drinking.
Millersville University is among the universities in the United States that educates its students through Alcohol Awareness Week. This week was held from Oct. 22 – Oct. 26, 2012 and included many activities in which students could participate.
Many of the activities were held by MU Health Services, Health Educators, The Center for Counseling and Human Development, and The United Campus Ministry. On Monday students were invited to put on “beer goggles” and learn why drinking copious amounts of alcohol and trying to do things can be extremely dangerous.
The event was held in the SMC and hosted by Millersville Health Services. Also held on Monday was Root Beer, Beer pong: the point of this activity was to learn how to set limits for yourself, and it was also held in the SMC and was hosted by Peer Health Educators.
On Tuesday the Peer Health Educators held a campus wide event called “Act to Help Others! Be a Lifesaver.” This event taught students how to help a friend with alcohol poisoning. The Campus Ministry also joined in on Tuesday, where they discussed different church beliefs about alcohol and alcoholism.
Wednesday was centered around teaching students about drinking and driving and was a campus wide event held by Peer Health Educators. The main goal was for students to make sure they have a plan when they go out.
Thursday was a day filled with events, two of which were held by Health Educators. The first was an event made to teach students the importance of respecting others’ choices and not pressuring others to drink; they also held an event Thursday night involving social media.
Students were taught the importance of alcohol education and were then encouraged to Tweet about everything they were learning.
On Thursday and Friday, the Center for Counseling and Human Development held an event called “Pour Your Cheeseburgers;” the event
included members of Greek Life and student athletes who were helping other students discover just how much they can drink before they get a “buzz,” and how much of that “freshman 15” wasn’t from the dining hall food.
Alcohol Awareness week is popping up on campuses all of the country. Make sure to educate yourself about alcohol and its effects before you go out.