Finding food for a vegan: places and options

Nicole Schaffer
Features Writer

At our university’s juice bar, a wide variety of flavor options are available to satisfy the tastes of any vegan. Fresh fruit and protein can be packed into a smoothie to keep you full and focused for the remainder of your day.

For vegetarians and vegans living on campus, it can be challenging to find healthy, nourishing meals. While vegetarians have a wider range of choices available to them because they include animal protein in their diet, a vegan solely relies on plant-based food sources, which greatly limits their food selection.
Millersville University junior Leah Costik, finds eating on campus as a vegan challenging.
“I still live on campus, and I do find it hard to find food for myself. Vegan/vegetarianism is, unfortunately, not as popular as it should be,” says Costik.
When she does eat on campus, Costik enjoys the hummus and pumpkin bread sold at The Anchor. Spyro Gyro in Downtown Lancaster is her place of choice when she goes out because of its Mediterranean vegetarian and vegan selections.
When being a vegetarian or vegan, it is easy to fall into the habit of eating the same foods; but thankfully, some options remain available for vegetarians and vegans to eat.
The Millersville Upper Deck seems to offer the most variety of food, including regular vegetarian breakfast items such as cereal, bagels and omelets, and a lunch/dinner item of pizza.
Other lunch/dinner options they offer include mac and cheese, soups, and vegetarian lasagna. There is also a rotation of different types of food such as pasta, quesadillas, pirogues, and Oriental rice.
The healthiest choices at the Upper Deck which happen to be vegan include: a sandwich station where you can get a veggie wrap made, the salad bar which offers a vast array of toppings from which to choose, and the vegetable bar which provides steamed veggies and quinoa.

Black beans are full of protein and nutrients, making a black bean burger a great choice.

If you are on the go, The Anchor and The Galley offer healthy choices such as salads, almond and soy milks, and fruit. The Juice Bar also provides freshly made fruit and chocolate-flavored smoothies on a daily basis.
For off campus options, the Downtown Lancaster area has a fantastic selection of places to eat that provide vegetarian and vegan selections. The Seed is a newly opened café that offers vegetarian and vegan baked goods and pastries. Or try The Lancaster Dispensing Company, which is a Victorian pub that has several vegetarian entrees on the menu such as black bean burgers, portabella mushroom burgers, and chili.
If you are in the mood for Thai cuisine, the exotic restaurant So La Thai offers many vegetarian tofu-based dishes as well as a vegan fried banana and coconut ice cream dessert.

Many delicious recipes using sweet potatoes can be found at the Vegan Zombies website.

If you have a kitchen and some extra time, there are many different foods you can make from recipes featured on Internet food blogs. Chocolate Covered Katie is a vegan blog that includes healthy dinner and dessert recipes.
The Vegan Zombie features vegan comfort food recipes and posts step-by-step video instructions on how to make them.
With all these new ideas on where and what to eat, all struggling vegetarian and vegan students should be chowing down in no time.