Possible strike ahead

Cat Ardes
Staff Writer

I’m sure you all know by now that a possible strike lingers in our future which leaves many of us angry, disappointed, and frustrated. But for the few people who seem to find a sort of happiness and relief thinking it’s a “break”, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s nothing close to that and you should not be happy about it. Sure, it would be nice to have another long weekend break thrown into our semester to catch up on our work or sleep, but a strike wouldn’t just be a long weekend, no one knows how long a strike could be.
A lot of us have worked incredibly hard to get to where we are and to be told we won’t have our original professors or possibly, class, would definitely have an effect on our education. I’m usually running on hardly any sleep but I enjoy being in class and learning the material and I’m certain many others are also.
Substitutes could lecture, but a lot of times I pick professors because I hear great things about them and their teaching style. We’re all paying for a great education and this strike would hinder that.
Just like you and I, our professors went to college and have done everything we have to do to earn their degree to get to where they are today. Although they want their fair share in a contract, they aren’t lecturing us just for money. They are in class every day because it’s what they’re passionate about. More than anyone, they know how a strike would affect us during that time and it’s the last thing they want for us and for themselves.
I think we take for granted how easily we receive education in this country. Even just to hold a book in our hands is something an individual would find sacred in some countries. Girls, such as Malala Yousufzai from Pakistan, are fighting to get equal education.
My point is that we can learn new things every day where as some people do not have that option and some don’t even realize or believe they can attain such things. Obviously, a strike would not stop learning completely, but it would make it difficult.
The strike is not for certain, and won’t be for some time, but by taking into account your own experience and reasoning why you want an education is enough to not have one. Many people are not happy about the possibility of a strike. The few that are should consider other aspects besides a break, which is not at all what a strike would be.