A timely warning

Corrie Mckenna
Kimberly Canella
Contributing Writers

As a previous victim to one of the many break-ins occurring in off-campus areas such as Hillview Avenue, University Drive and West Charlotte Street, I feel strongly about the topic of break-ins affecting Millersville students. 9 times out of 10 the suspect or suspects get caught and they turn out to be Millersville students. Students stealing from students, classy! Where is the sense of community among our student body?
We are all supposed to be in this journey together, pursuing a degree in a field we are passionate about, while making long-lasting friendships and having a damn good time doing it. Yet somehow bad eggs fall through the cracks and get accepted into what is supposed to be our prestigious student body.
Question to current suspects and ones who have already been caught: When you were filling out your application for acceptance did you include in your essay that you didn’t plan on pursuing a degree but pursuing a criminal record? You’re actions hurt only yourself.
Here’s how the situation plays out: You’re walking on clouds, feeling like a million bucks because you “successfully” stole a bio major’s laptop, that had her final thesis paper on it, and that fresh pair of Jordan sandals. Only to find out there is now a warrant out for your arrest and your bail is set at $50,000. Pretty sure that Xbox you took won’t cover that bail.
Messages from the victims: “I am not happy about the way you disrespected my property and stole from my apartment. They will find you and you will be punished for the crime you have committed.”- New Brookwood resident
“You took away the feeling of security I [used] to have about my apartment. Now every noise in the middle of the night causes panic.” – Wellness resident
“I am thankful you are now siting in prison and not next to me in Sociology 101.” –Brookwood resident “You stole my Xbox and the Millersville borough found you. Did no one tell you, you can’t play video games in a cell?” – Wellness resident
“We are just as broke as you are. We are all broke college students. Go get a job and give me back my stuff that I worked every summer break to pay for.” – Wellness resident
This is a timely warning to students who may be considering the get rich quick scheme of stealing from fellow students. You do get caught and do get prosecuted so think about it, is that new set of speakers really worth throwing everything away? Millersville seize the opportunity… not other peoples things.