Nicole Schaffer
Features Writer

Hurricane Sandy took the northeast region by complete surprise and proved that anything can happen. Here in Pennsylvania there were many without power and some who had to wait quite some time for it to come back.

The Red Cross organized relief with sticky notes and color coded them based on people’s needs.

Aside from outages there were downed trees, broken windows, and debris everywhere; it was simply a mess. We were lucky; unfortunately, areas of New Jersey and New York were left in ruins from the terrible storm. Efforts to help those who were most impacted have sprung up in full force and they still need lots of help. As college students, it’s a little harder to step up in situations where supplies are needed, but even the smallest amount helps.
One of the main funds specifically set up to help the victims of New Jersey is the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. This fund collects donations of money, food, and clothing; they also offer the option to volunteer. All of the donations will go to the immediate relief efforts of those affected.
The main purpose of the fund is to step in where insurance, FEMA, and the Red Cross stop so that all communities devastated by the storm can be rebuilt and continue on with normalcy. Monetary donations can be made directly on the website,, or can be sent in by a check payable to Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.
Don’t be discouraged by “broke college student syndrome;” any amount will help. To donate food, contact the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, and again, any little bit will help and be much appreciated by the victims.
Clothing donations can be made through the Goodwill. Before donating, make sure clothes are washed and not terribly worn down.
Coming to the end of the semester is a perfect time to make donations like this. When you clean out your room for winter break, take out things you no longer need and gain the benefit of having less to take home or bring back.
Aside from donations, the Fund is also accepting the help of volunteers. If interested in participating, email

Goodwill is collecting clothes and other items for Sandy victims.

The American Red Cross is not only working alongside the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, they are also working single-handedly to collect money and donations for the victims affected by the storm. If you visit the main website you can choose to visit a special section dedicated to the Hurricane Sandy relief. The American Red Cross is openly accepting any donations of any amount. The site offers the ability to enter in any amount the donator chooses.
The Salvation Army is always accepting donations no matter what is happening in the world. They have stepped up and also started accepting donations for the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. The Salvation Army will be accepting monetary donations of any amount and, as always, will be taking in clothing and household supplies. They ask that any clothing or supplies to be gently used, just like the Goodwill donations.
Hurricane Sandy took everyone by surprise. The strength and power of the storm was devastating and left so many with nothing. The least we can do is step up and help out those in need. Anything helps and all is appreciated.
Take the time to clean out your closet before you leave, or save that five dollars you were going to spend on a knick-knack and donate it instead. Help those victims get back on their feet again.