Olivia Synoracki
Staff Writer

Jenn Kelman and Kelly Davis perform Ingrid Michaelson’s “Be O.K.” as their closing piece.

Sunday, November 11, Kelly Davis and Jennifer Kelman united to perform for a crowd of people in Murley Recital Hall at the Visual and Performing Arts Center.
Preparing for this performance is a great task, considering, as Kelman explains, “a Junior Recital is a huge milestone for music majors to reach in [their] college career.”
Because this exhibition is held in high regard, there is a lot time put into planning such an event.
To start off, both Davis and Kelman were required to assemble 30 minutes of music from an array of composers.
After collecting this material, music majors must receive approval of their recital from select faculty members through a process known as the “recital hearing.”
This whole procedure requires much time and effort. Kelman herself put countless hours each day into practicing for this recital.
On the day of the performance, Murley Recital Hall was packed. Even after the show began, audience members kept filing in, causing more chairs to be added so that everyone would have a seat.
The room full of anticipation, Kelman took the stage in a stunning, floor length navy-blue dress, full of jewels.
While sparkling, she sang her first song with the accompaniment of Joan Allen on the piano.
A mezzo-soprano, Kelman first sang a few songs from renowned composers such as, Antonio Vivaldi and Franz Schubert.
While singing Schubert’s Der Tod und das Mådchen, Kelman exemplified her skills while fully expressing the ferocity brought forth in the song.
In contrast, Kelman’s interpretation of Schubert’s Lachen und Weinen, translated to Laughter and Tears, was much more emotional.
After Kelman performed, her recital partner, Davis, took a place on stage and played a few numbers from composer Johann Sebastian Bach on the guitar.
While performing his Minuet in G major, Davis encompassed Bach’s work of the Baroque period by presenting the song in a slow manner.

Kelly Davis performs various Classical pieces on guitar.

She chose to slow the song as to stay true to the dance that would have been performed along with this song during the Baroque era.
Wearing a dark plum, floor length dress, Davis looked very elegant as she expressed the music of Bach while strumming each chord and creating a melodic sound.
In fact, much of the music Davis played during the first act of the performance was very soft, simple, and peaceful. The whole first section of the recital represented various composers from the early classical era.
The second act was, therefore, more modernized. The very last two songs of the recital were fun and bubbly.
Kelman’s personality shined through in her performance of Taylor, the Latte Boy. Her facial expressions and energy made this song very enjoyable to watch.
The last song of the afternoon was presented by both Davis and Kelman. Together they joined in performing the song “Be OK” by Ingrid Michaelson.
With Davis on the guitar and Kelman singing, the two had the audience members smiling from ear to ear.