Men’s ice hockey stops Crusaders in their tracks

Chris Norton
Sports Editor

With 13 goals in the game, the Marauders were given an overall record of 9-8-1 on the season.

On Saturday, November 17th, the Millersville Ice Hockey team squared off against the Susquehanna Crusaders in what would be a completely onesided event. The Marauders demolished Susquehanna offensively by a score of 13-2.
Early in the match, Cyle Knopf and Bobby Snyder both managed to score within one minute of each other, establishing a comfortable two-goal lead. On the ensuing faceoff, with the Crusaders still trying to catch their breath, Austin Reaser skated past the exhausted defense and shot the back into the back of the net. Now three goals ahead, Millersville began to realize that their opponents’ morale was gradually diminishing. Midway through the first period, the Marauders suffered two key losses. Joe Vendetti, attempting to block a speeding shot, injured his hand on the play, sending him to the hospital. Shortly after that misfortune, Jonnie Collins took a powerful check from a Crusader which in turn, injured his knee and lower back. Collins was forced to sit out for the remainder of the game. With their peers evidently down, Knopf, Josh Feehan, and Zach Juliano stepped up and took advantage of a power play to increase the already substantial Millersville lead by three.
Towards the end of the first period, tensions began to rise among the two teams. Tim DiRgueris was called for a penalty, which lead to a Susquehanna power play. The Crusaders could not afford to pass up the opportunity, and they did not, scoring to cut the Marauders’ lead to five. However, Millersville did not let the goal discourage them. Read Bohon continued his scoring success shooting a puck that deflected off of Snyder’s stick and into the net.
After a change in goalies from Eric Hench to Dustin Jagiela, the Marauders refused to let off the throttle, scoring six more goals to put the score at 13-1. Susquehanna finally answered the barrage with one final goal which proved to be ineffective.
Amidst the carnage, freshman forward Feehan had two goals, thus showing his skill and determination in the line. The Marauders are pitted against the University of Pennsylvania next week on Saturday, December 1st in game that has potential to be a barnburner.