Danielle Kreider
News Editor

Twenty-four thousand tiny puzzle pieces may sound like a lot of work to some people, but not for Amy Armstrong, a sophomore at Millersville University.
It took her only 10 months to complete the world’s largest puzzle (as deemed by the Guinness Book of World Records) entitled, “Life: The Great Challenge,” puzzle which is made up of images of ocean fish and animals, hot air balloons, the lost city of Atlantis, wild animals, sailboats and the solar system. The puzzle came in four packets, which fit together vertically to finish the piece of art, and it cost about $250.

Amy Armstrong, a sophomore at Millersville, completed the world’s largest puzzle.

This type of puzzle is not to be taken lightly, it is meant for serious puzzlers such as Armstrong, since the puzzle once completed is 4ft by 15ft. The task of completing a puzzle of this magnitude can be very frustrating, time-consuming and tedious, but it proves to be just the opposite for Armstrong.
According to LancasterOnline Armstrong said that, “It’s soothing and comforting. I can’t explain it, but I find it extremely relaxing” to work on puzzles. Armstrong did discover that once she completed the last 6,000-piece section of the puzzle that it did not align correctly with the rest of the puzzle. She then contacted EDUCA, the company in Barcelona, Spain, that makes the puzzle. “They sent me a new one at no extra charge, which was nice because we had paid about $250 for it originally,” Armstrong explained, as stated by LancasterOnline.
Once she finished the last section of the puzzle, again, Armstrong was overtaken with a great sense of accomplishment. Also according to LancasterOnline Armstrong stated, “I’m probably one of the youngest persons to complete this puzzle. When it all fit together, it was amazing. Now I can say I’ve completed the world’s largest puzzle one and one half times,” she said, smiling.
As of now she still isn’t sure where the puzzle will hang or fit in her home. She plans to start working on a smaller puzzle next, entitled “Tropical Impressions,” which is a puzzle of the rain forest. It is significantly smaller than the one she just completed, it is only 18,000 pieces, so this should be a walk in the park for this young puzzle fanatic.