Ali Chiavetta
Features Writer

A typical Millersville student’s schedule looks like this and includes the date, time, room number, and professor.

It’s that time of the semester again, when you must decide your academic fate for the next couple of months.
Registration can be either stressful or exciting, depending on your amount of preparation. Each student is given a time slot based on their amount of current credits and the first letter of their last name. By checking the schedule ahead of time to make sure you know the time of your allotted registration slot, you can avoid the stress of being unsure of when to register.
When your day comes, be sure to get online a few minutes ahead of time to be prepared. With registration, you need to move quickly, and by getting a head start on other students, you may be more likely to obtain your desired classes.
Before the big day, it is a good idea to make a mock schedule. By checking the Millersville website, you can check what classes are being offered, when the classes meet, and which professors teach them. By doing this ahead of time, you can prepare your ideal schedule as well as a back-up schedule.
Many times, students do not get all of the classes that they want, so it’s a good idea to have some back-up classes, rather than being waitlisted. Being waitlisted for a class means that the class is already full by the time you attempted to register for it, but that there is still a chance that you may get into the class if another student drops it.
In most cases, if a spot opens up, they will inform you via email and/or text message that you are now eligible to register for the class. You have twentyfour hours to confirm your inclusion into the class, or your spot will be given to the next student on the waitlist.
Be sure that you meet with your designated advisor before your registration time, in order to get assistance on class selection for the next semester, and to get your TAP number. Your TAP number is your unique registration code that is necessary to enter into the system before you are allowed to add or drop classes.

When preparing to schedule, make sure you make a backup, especially if you are late on the list to schedule.

Many students encounter the names of professors they’ve never heard of while doing their pre-registration class search. To remedy this in a simple way, you can take a look at This website is an unofficial guide to professors of all subjects at schools across the nation. By looking up the professor in question, you can find ratings and reviews done by other students.
Though these reviews are subjective, it is helpful to see what the overall opinion of this professor is before signing up to take their class. As well as rating the professor, many reviews describe the workload, and whether or not the class is an “easy A.”
By checking on these factors ahead of time, you will be able to map out your semester, and roughly plan how much work you have ahead of you. So, by mapping out your classes and professors ahead of time, as well as securing your TAP number and registration slot, you should be prepared for registration. Best of luck to all who are registering!