Hayley Addessa
Features Writer

In Seaside Heights, New Jersey, a roller coaster which used to be on the coastline, is now in the surf.

The strong winds and perpetual rain that battered the Northeast may not have affected Millersville University directly, but many students and their families have been affected in some way by this terrible storm.
The devastation left by Hurricane Sandy has resulted in flooding, power outages, and complete destruction of trees, homes, and cars. Luckily, the Lancaster County region did not experience the worst of the storm.
The storm forced Millersville University to close campus Oct. 29 and 30. While some students went home during this two day span, many decided to stay on campus.
For those who stayed on campus, many of their families could not escape the damaging effects of the storm which resulted in many power outages. For Millersville University freshman Kelly Milligan, the storm raged on outside the window of her room in Gaige Hall.
“We were told to stay in the building if we could, so we ended up stocking up on snack food at the Anchor and eating what we already had in the dorms so we wouldn’t have to walk outside during the storm,” Milligan said.
For Milligan, staying on campus became the better option because her home in Havertown, Pa. lost power for several hours.
For LaShaunta Smith, the campus building she currently lives in experienced some flooding in the basement. This flooding was little compared to what happened at her West Philadelphia home, which lost power for three to four days.
“The generator blew out during the storm, so my family had no lights or hot water. My mom lit some candles to try to cope through the storm,” says Smith.
Sophomore John Doran, who lives in Gilbert Hall, decided to brave out the storm at his home in Royersford, Pa. His family lost power until Wednesday, leaving Doran feeling bored and wishing he was still on campus.
One student who wishes to remain anonymous lost more than just power when the storm hit. Although her regular home was left intact, her family’s beach house in Long Island, New Jersey experienced excessive damage.
Furniture inside of the house was turned on its side, the boat was gone, and a line now marks how high the water was inside the house, a constant reminder of how quick and furious Sandy was. All of her neighbors were affected around the area as well.
Despite being hit by a tragic natural disaster, there are several relief efforts that have taken place to assist those who have been faced with devastation and loss.
What we can learn from Hurricane Sandy is that although disasters happen, we must be prepared to support one another and rebuild each others lives. Check out redcross.org to donate and help with the relief efforts.