Caleb Bressler
Staff Writer

The game will include a realistic portrayal of the entire ship.

A new computer game, “Titanic: Lost in the Darkness” is in the works.
Currently being constructed by the independent gaming developer ORM Entertainment, it is very much an example of a grassroots game.
The game is a firstperson adventure game onboard the 1912 ocean liner Titanic.
Plot details are still sketchy, but the game appears to be legitimate and definitely something to be excited about.
Literally, nearly every single foot of the ship is going to be in the game. Photographs and tours of pieces of the game are already available to see, giving people a chance to see what the game will be like.
From the videos and screenshots, the game looks amazing.
At times, rooms almost look like photographs.
Simply comparing photographs from the original Titanic, and the almost indistinguishable ship Olympic, will show how strikingly precise this game is.
The paneling mirrors the original ship and even the carpeting color is debated by the game’s creators.
On the Grand Staircase, the heaters glow. The wall lamps in the reading room cast realistic light and shadows upon the walls. The paneling in the A La Carte Restaurant is dazzlingly accurate.
Despite the high-quality of the game, it does not have a regular website.
They do, however, have a Tumblr page, boasting dozens of photos, tidbits about the game and videos.
The game also has a YouTube channel and a Facebook page, with links to both of these on their Tumblr page.
The Tumblr page gives a brief description of the plot, saying that “It will essentially be like Sherlock Holmes on the Titanic, though with no Sherlock, but plenty of mystery. You’ll play from the perspective of a man suspected of being a thief who sneaks aboard the Titanic to catch the real thief.”
The movement on the ship is similar to a first-person shooter game. Players can look up, down and all around, which is different from many first-person adventure games which only allow limited vision.
It is also a very different system of movement from another game from the 1990s, “Titanic: Adventure out of Time.” In this earlier Titanic game, players could turn sideways, but what could be seen was limited.
It was impossible, for instance, to look at the ceiling directly above, unless the game specifically allowed players to click on a particular spot.
A recent YouTube video on “Titanic: Lost in the Darkness’” game’s channel gives a very good impression of the movement, skimming about the ship with cheery Tchaikovsky music playing in the background. Despite some outside speculation, the game will actually exist according, to the Tumblr page.
However, due to the time-consuming nature of constructing the game, they aren’t sure when people will actually be able to play it.
“We do not have a release date yet,” the Tumblr page says. “Depending on how long it takes, what comes up, it could be late 2013-early 2014 at the earliest.”
How playable the game will be is yet to be seen, since it is, in a sense, not yet a reality. However, it definitely represents a grassroots game, and watching it grow is certainly an interest for most people with an interest in building computer games.
Also, for anyone with an interest in the Titanic, this game is definitely something to consider playing when it eventually comes out.