Unheard voice

Cat Ardes
Staff Writer

As you all know, on November 6 people around the country gathered at the polls to vote for the next president. Excitement and anticipation was built up throughout the day which brought many people to their television screens that night to find out who had won.
The morning of Election Day, I walked to the local fire house so excited, eager, and happy to use my right to vote for our next president. As I entered the building I was greeted by very nice people guiding me where to go. I told them my name and after a few moments of the woman swiping the pages in her book back and forth looking for it my heart began to sink and I knew then that my name would not be there.
She told me “I’m sorry, I don’t see your name.” In response, my face grew red with anger, frustration, and disappointment. A man pulled me to the side and did some phone calling to see if there was a mistake but he found out even more. Not only was I not in the county’s system, I wasn’t even registered in the state. I hate to admit it but I left the building with tears in my eyes, so angry at the people I had put my trust in to take my form and put it through the system, but they couldn’t even do that.
I filled out my registration form in September, so I was not one of the last minute registers. Actually, I filled out my registration form at a table on campus in the SMC and if they had correctly taken my form to the registration office, then someone at that office did not do their job to make sure they had every single form.
You might say, “Well didn’t you receive a confirmation in the mail beforehand?” My honest response, I actually did not know you were supposed to receive a confirmation. So out of my ignorance and trust in other people to get one thing done for me, I ended up missing out on a great opportunity. Though I have thought this through about whether it is my fault or not (I really don’t like to put the blame on other people) I have come to the conclusion that someone made a big mistake and it wasn’t me.
Since Election day, I have heard of more and more people this has happened to and it makes me so angry. They say you learn through experience and, well, this was a rather harsh wake up call. If I could suggest one thing through my experience, after you send your registration form in, no matter where or how you do it, follow up and check online if you are registered.