Goodbye rationality, hello WKYK

November 28, 2012

Laura Maginley Assoc. News Editor The Whitest Kids U’Know will provide a sigh of relief to the campus community during the busiest week of the semester on December 5. The comedy troupe, which is comprised . . .

Four more years: Obama wins!

November 7, 2012

Danielle Kreider News Editor President Barack Obama stomps challenger Governor Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential election. As of Nov. 6th the electoral college vote stood at 303 to 206. At the start of the . . .

Social Media: an Evolving Campaign tool

November 7, 2012

Aaron Sanders Staff Writer We all love them: social media platforms which allow us to express ourselves. However, in 2012 social networks have been employed for political campaign purposes. We live for those to like . . .

Taking your vitamins is “essential”

November 7, 2012

Marissa Incitti Features Editor Achieving a balanced diet is hard to do with all the convenient food options we have today, such as fast food and pre-packaged food. It’s especially difficult for college students whose . . .

Women’s volleyball invited to PSAC Tournament

November 7, 2012

Alex Geli Staff Writer We’ve all heard the commercials… “You gotta get to, you gotta get to… Haven!” Well, Millersville’s women’s volleyball team had a different motto in mind on Saturday: “You gotta get to . . .

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