Battle of the sexes: stupid things boys do

Cat Ardes
Staff Writer

Sometimes there isn’t anything worse than a really bad trend. Some people may know the second they see one and others it takes looking at a picture years later and asking yourself the decade old question, “Why?”.
There’s always been a battle of the sexes throughout history, but our generation seems to be in love with pointing out all of the things girls do and say wrong, even making chain mail and memes depicting true but regretful snapshots of girl trends at the moment. Yes, of course most of them are hilarious, but as I see more and more of these, I actually am a bit confused, because let’s not forget about the men of this world that seem to think they are “So Cool”. Let me point out for you some behavior and trends I’ve seen, that from my point view, could use some work.
I can completely agree with anyone that says girls in groups act pretty ridiculous. Not all, but there’s a pretty good amount of girls that like to chatter and say, “Like, Oh my god!” and “Yeeaaah, seriously,” a lot, if not the whole night. Yes, when I get together with particular girls I can’t help but talk about girly things, it’s my guilty pleasure. It’s just what girls do.
So since men like to point out the ridiculous behavior of women, how about these so-called bromances? I feel like maybe this isn’t a new “thing”, but it now has a name and men seriously love to say they’re in a “bromance”. The way they act when they see each other is like witnessing the reunion of star-crossed lovers. Sometimes hugs, jumping on backs, telling each other they “look good in that outfit today” are some things I’ve seen and heard, and if you’re the third wheel with these two “lovers”, you’re not going to get a word in. They talk about video games, bands, girls, sports, pretty much anything you can’t relate to. Come on guys we get it, you love each other but quit being obnoxious about it.
We all know girls have some pretty bad fashion from time to time such as Uggs, worn much too often with sweatpants, and ridiculously short skirts or dresses for nights on the weekend or sometimes even for regular day attire. I can’t help but wince every time I see these outfits trying to be pulled off, but what I really clench my teeth at is men wearing jeans hanging down off their waist. They seem to think that we all want to know that they have boxers with Scooby Doo on them. But that’s what they think is just so attractive, right? Sorry to break it to you, but no. Just one big fat NO. Don’t do that. Please for your sake, buy some pants that actually fit you.
And as for the shirts with really bad slogans such as “$5 foot long” with an arrow pointing down and the infamous, “FBI: Female Body Inspector” shirt should be a given to not buy them, but for whatever reason, some of you still seem that think these are hilarious. They’re far from it and incredibly tacky, boys.
I do not and will not ever understand why men can’t learn how to ask a girl to dance. It is the one question that I wish I didn’t have to ask, but since men seem to think that just because a girl is dancing alone with her friends it is an invite for you to come thrust your waist behind us. First of all, I don’t care what you look like, if you ask me to dance I will say yes just because you gave me the courtesy and respect to ask me.
Second, if a girl says no, just get over it. So what? You got shot down but your life isn’t over. Or would you rather be dancing with a girl who’s making disgusted faces at her girlfriends as she’s with trying to say, “get this dude away from me!”?
Third, please learn how to dance! Moving your hips back and forth like a robot is not attractive nor is it called dancing. A guy who knows how to dance is by far one of the most attractive characteristics and I think I can speak for most girls when I say this.
No, this isn’t an attire and dating etiquette article but if men are always going to be pointing out the obvious bad trends and characteristics of women then I think it’s time to point out that you men and your XY chromosomes aren’t so perfect yourselves.
In summary, men can be just as obnoxious as women, some of your fashion trends are just as bad as a few of ours, and your dancing manners are close to none. Now, would you like to keep pointing out more of our rough edges?