Sam Dutton
Opinion Editor

I can remember a time not too long ago (before “The Big Bang Theory”) where being dubbed nerdy was far from cool. One thinks of individuals wearing sweaters they could get lost in and thick black coke bottle glasses cowering behind a book. These so-called “nerds” were the subject of all jokes, often being picked on by those of higher social standing, aka “the popular kids.” And it was a nerds dream to break out of their dooming label and into the known crowd.
Then there was the era of the dumb blonde where, for a female, being less intelligent and blonde made you sexy. Jokes began with, “How did the blond…” and usually ended with the blonde getting hit by a car as she crossed the road, or having too many to count if screwing in a light bulb. The days where being stupid made you attractive are long gone and a new wave of sexy has evolved by way of intelligence.
The hit show “The Big Bang Theory” has had a hand in all of this. There is nobody quite like Sheldon, Raj, Howard and Leonard that pop culture has ever experienced, but they are men of intelligence and they are not afraid to show it. Often the men have long drawn out conversations about DNA, “Star Trek”, or even dressing like the Doppler effect for Halloween.
In the show, the men befriend the beautiful Penny and the unlikely pair of Penny and Leonard fall in love. This is groundbreaking. One would expect the buff football player to go prancing off into the sunset with Penny on his arm, but rather Leonard ends up taking her to a DNA lecture or curled up watching reruns of “Star Trek.”
The show has us laughing along with Sheldon, with his social awkwardness but leads us to realize that society has evolved to where having a pretty face can only get you so far. People need sustenance, they need intelligence because where age will take away beauty, intelligence will remain.
The coin has flipped on pop culture to where the shows intelligent cast now makes fun of those less smart. For instance, in one scene Penny is crying because she believes that she has done something stupid therefore she thinks she is stupid. Sheldon tries to comfort her by stating, “There’s no reason to cry. One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid and that makes me sad.”
Maybe even more groundbreaking than the nerdy boys getting the girls are women with intelligence comparable to men. Meet Amy. She becomes Sheldon’s girlfriend and also works in the science field. Amy holds her own in all the scientific banter and proves her intelligence comparable to the men! Amy holds the upper hand in her relationship with Sheldon suggesting the opposite of what was previously believed to be socially acceptable.
If you were to say that nerd takeover was limited to the realm of television, you would be wrong. Colleges host an entire population here for the soul purpose of furthering their intelligence and channeling it to specific fields. Intelligence is nothing to be ashamed about in college. As far as the style goes, who would have thought, but the nerd look is in! All in all, ground has been broken and the new cool has moved beyond skin deep to having smarts! There is only one thing left to say…