Nicole Schaffer
Features Writer

Homemade gift baskets are an easy fun gift to create that will show you care and understand them.

Instead of spending a lot of money purchasing gifts this holiday season, consider making some DIY gifts! While purchasing gifts at the store may be the most convenient way to complete your holiday shopping, making a gift is less expensive and more special because it contains sentimental value.
Many different gifts can be made from items that you already own. One simple gift idea is to find a glass container and fill it with a holiday food item. Some ideas include: hot chocolate and marshmallows, cookie mix, homemade trail mix, or candy. Make this item gift ready by tying a ribbon with the name of the recipe on a tag around the front and embellishing the container with winter decorations such as snowflake stickers.
Recipients will appreciate this gift because it provides an already prepared food item that can be easily made or eaten. To go along with this, another food-related gift idea is to make a recipe booklet with your favorite holiday recipes.
Another option that can be applied to anyone is to create a themed gift basket depending on what the person is interested in. Some theme ideas include: making a gardening kit with a packet of seeds, a sun hat, and a new shovel; or recreate a night at the movies by filling up a basket with popcorn, a movie theater coupon, and candy.
A unique idea for any person is to make a “secret hollow book.” Start by obtaining a used book and gluing all the pages together, and then use an x-acto knife to hollow out the center. This “book” creates a creative way for a person to store their secret items.

Creating a hollow book out of an old book is another great gift idea.

Instead of purchasing a CD, an easy way to give the gift of music is to create a mixed CD tailored to the listener’s tastes.
There are several gifts that can be created that artistic individuals would appreciate. A homemade “art bowl” can be made by cutting up magazine strips, folding them in half, and rolling them into different sized circles. The next step involves blowing up a balloon and attaching the rolled circles to one another. Once the magazine pieces have dried together, pop the balloon and you are left with a cool bowl made out of nothing but recycled magazines.
If none of these ideas grab your attention, consider browsing the pages of the website Pinterest, where users share photos of DIY craft ideas. This holiday season, instead of purchasing gifts; consider taking the creative route by making your own.