Danielle Kreider
News Editor

Millersville University graduates are seen waiting during commencement to receive their degrees.

As the end of the semester comes to a close so does the era of President Francine G. McNairy. After serving nine years as Millersville University’s president all students, faculty and staff must say goodbye since she has announced her retirement, which will commence in January 2013.
The class of December 2012 will be the final audience to hear Dr. McNairy speak as the keynote speaker for commencement. This semester’s commencement will be held on Sunday, December 16th at 2 P.M. in the Pucillo Gymnasium.
Tickets for commencement can be picked up through next Friday in the SMC ticket window (the window adjacent from the office of student affairs, not the ticket window across from the computer lab). As of now graduating students are allotted four tickets and special accomdations if needed. Students who need additional tickets can pick them up at graduation rehearsal which will be held on Friday, December 14th immediately after rehearsal.

December’s commencement ceremony will take place on Sunday, December 16 at 2 p.m. at Pucillo Gymnasium. The chairs are set up in the way it will be during graduation.

For any students who are unsure if they have all of their graduation requirements met can see the graduation checklist which is located on the commencement page of the Millersville University website.
Finals week will begin on Tuesday, December 11th at 8 A.M. The schedule can be found on the registrer’s website or is featured below to the left. Remember to study hard and stay focused during the designated time. Set multiple alarms, be prepared for the unexpected and sharpen those pencils!
Students who are not yet graduating and who will be attending the spring 2013 semester can begin to enjoy their winter break which starts after each individual student’s last final. Winter break ends January 28th when spring classes commence. Have an enjoyable and safe break!