Laura Maginley
Assoc. News Editor

Students that want to contribute to the decision of the spring concert should take note of the first music selection survey, which was distributed by student senate.
The spring concert committee created a digital questionnaire for Millersville University students to express their genre opinions via a Get-Involved page.
“This takes in student opinion, more diversity within the campus population, quick, easy and helps keep the poll to Millersville students only!” explained Bianca Gatto, a member of the spring concert committee.
Participating students were only given the option to select a genre of music, because a specific artist cannot be guaranteed due to scheduling. Genres help the spring concert committee narrow down the type of music the students of Millersville University would like to hear.
Depending on the time available, a second poll may be distributed to the campus community.
“An artist will be chosen based off of the results of this poll. The concert committee needs to move quickly and may or may not have time to have another poll based off artists available,” shared Gatto.
Students can find the survey at Students will find out the artist(s) early next semester