The anti-social network: online pirating

Christian Harding
Staff Writer

For those of us young enough to have a more than passable memory of the early stages of the Internet’s existence, it’s hard to remember a time when the web wasn’t being used as a resource for getting music and television shows at the soonest possible convenience, most of the time without people paying for them.
While streaming and downloading sites have certainly come a long way over the years, the ultimate desire for instant possession of our favorite media has always been around, and the birth of the World Wide Web has only made this easier for everyone to achieve. But this begs the question, is this process really all that sensible (or even ethical) to indulge in?
Obviously when one partakes in an activity such as the illegal acquiring of anything online, there are always a certain amount of risks involved. A common trend regarding this subject which usually arises every once in a short while is the instance of somebody getting busted by their local service provider for their participation in this activity. Most of the time, this would result in a series of expensive fines, or sometimes even brief imprisonment in the more extreme cases. With this in mind, a person must again stop and ask whether or not going through all of this hassle is worth seeing the newest episodes of their favorite shows.
Some are just desperate enough to go all the way around the system, either being ignorant of the ramifications, or just not paying them much mind. Whatever the case, it seems as if people aren’t going to stop anytime soon, and as long as there are places where you can get these products, there will always be a chance of it being the time that gets you caught red-handed.
Despite all the facts and general knowledge of the subject, in the end this issue boils down to simply a matter of what each person is comfortable with. Some feel as if they might be immune to the consequences and others just aren’t ok with what the whole process entails, and would feel safer doing things by the book. Like so many controversial issues of our time, the sides to this one aren’t completely black and white.