Aaron Sanders
Staff Writer

By now we are aware of the appalling terrorist attack that claimed the lives of three American citizens including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya. There has been a lot of confusion and uncertainty around the motives of the attack. Some claim the attacks were a retaliatory measure against a film that depicted the prophet Muhammad in a degrading manner; by now, we know this is not the truth, the Americans diplomats were killed as a result of a carefully coordinated terrorist attack.
It seemed as if no one in the Obama administration knew the details of what happened, and many foreign policy experts began to make assumptions about the reasoning behind this horrific violence. The Obama administration is still investigating the matter according to the Press Secretary, but the GOP (Grand Old Party) continues to attack with ferocity, asking why the American diplomats did not have adequate protection.
In all fairness, I think this is a good question to ask, but I am beginning to question the whole purpose of the GOP’s investigation.
When an American is killed overseas, an investigation should be required, but this process has not given assurance to Chris Steven’s family or the American people. I view this whole Senatorial investigation as political maneuvering. The Democrats are vulnerable on this issue and the Republicans know this.
The Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, has been targeted as the primary reason for the incompetence. She said that violence against the diplomats was not a terrorist attack, but as we would find out later, it was. There is clearly a political war between Democrats and Republicans on this issue. Even the President warned GOP members to leave Susan Rice alone because she was following the directions of the President. The President may now have a new dilemma on his hands. Susan Rice has been receiving intense backlash from the Benghazi tragedy, and this is not good because Obama is looking to promote her to Secretary of State.
Rice was questioned by Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham on Capitol Hill to receive answers on what happened. Rice admitted her errors and missteps in the senate meetings but the senators were neither convinced nor satisfied with the answers they received.
It is clear these Republican Senators are against Rice’s promotion to Secretary of State, and they plan to vote against her in the confirmation hearings. This unfortunate event has only strained ties between the White House and Congress.
In fairness to Rice, she said that she based her statements off of the intelligence that was available to her at the time. If this why is the case, why is she still being attacked? We have to view Rice like we would any other ambassador, simply as a spokesperson for the country they work for. I do, however, think it is unfortunate that this tragedy has been used to gain political ground. This is bitter rivalry will only get worse as time progresses.