What to wear to that holiday party over break

Kayla Forgrave
Features Writer

It is coming down to that time of the year where we all look in out closet, stand there and think, “What am I supposed to wear to Grandma’s that I can wear out with my friends after?”
This goes to all genders—men and women who like to dress for the occasion over the holidays. Olivia Palermo, socialite, says “Overdress rather than underdress.” Of course Grandma and Grandpa would rather see their grand-babies in something put together as opposed to the sweat pants and university sweatshirts college students like to sport for class.
For all the fabulously fashionable girls that like to dress up on weekends, stick to classics. Palermo suggests buying a great oversize clutch that works for day or night. Keep double-sided tape in your bag to shorten a hem in a pinch. Mix hard and soft, masculine and feminine.

This sequin dress is a must have for New Year’s Eve parties.

Overdress rather than underdress. Forget red and green for the holiday season — too predictable. Try platform heels, which look hot but put less stress on your arches when you’re standing all night at a party. Play with hot pink. You can always mix a pair of cute high waisted shorts with stockings to tone down the amount of skin showing for a formal holiday party. Pack baby powder to absorb oil from both your hair and face. Load up on heavy gold jewelry. Invest in a long winter coat for evenings so your bare legs aren’t exposed.
Marinna Grasley, senior, also showed interest in being conservative when it comes to dressing for family parties. When asked what her go to outfits are that she can wear to a family Christmas party and a night out with friends she had much to say.
“I usually go with a little black dress and a pair of simple heels. Something that would be fine for going out but I could wear it to church if I really wanted to,” said Grasley. “When I am around the family I’ll usually wear some type of pullover sweater or a blazer with the dress so it is not showing too much skin. And since it’s all pretty basic, I just accessorize it with some chunky jewelry and a cute hairstyle.”
Grasley was also asked what she thinks is appropriate for a guy to wear to a family Christmas party that is acceptable to go out in afterwards.
“Guys, what can’t they wear? They have it so easy for going out. Since the holidays are a bit more formal but going out with friends usually isn’t as formal, I would say khakis; or a pair of colored jeans. I’m in love with that trend. They have endless options for tops; a sweater, a button up, a cardigan. They have it pretty easy. They need to focus more on the cleaning up and shaving off their “no shave November” beards.”
Men: do ditch the Dockers for a day and start with a nice sweater layered with a collared shirt underneath. A suit is not quite needed for holiday parties unless it is a black tie event or a New Year’s Eve party. If denim is a staple to your wardrobe, dress down your look: roll up the jacket cuffs for some schoolboy flair, or remove the jacket all together and roll up your sleeves. (Note: under no circumstances should you untuck your shirt.) Assume “business casual” for any type of event or outing that may include a family Christmas party or a night out with friends.

Men don’t have to work too hard to look great for any event or party.

The important thing is to transform your own idea of what “dressing up” means. Temporarily eliminate the word “festive” (as in, red-and-green combos) from your vocabulary. This is a time to impress, not be sloppy.
For all of you busy men and women, try to simplify your outfits to make changes quick and easy. Wear a black party dress and a red blazer with stockings and wedges to make it family and friends appropriate.
Guys, try sticking to dark jeans if jeans are going to be worn at all. A simple white button up cotton shirt is always a score. To add layers, do a blazer or a sweater over it and the outfit is ready for the night.
Just remember: be comfortable but look presentable. Appearance is perfection.