Danielle Weaver
Features Writer

Movies and TV might make college out to look like one big party, but every student knows that college life is not as glamorous as it seems. The reality often is a lot of writing, reading, late nights, and for most students, being on a budget.
While being a college student can be expensive, believe it or not, it can actually help when shopping.
And the key is a small plastic card most students hardly give a second thought.
On Millersville’s campus, a student ID can get you a library book, hold Flex, carry your meal plan, get you into sporting events, and all kinds of things. But outside of campus, it probably stays in a wallet or purse.
Rethink ditching the student ID next time there’s a mall trip though, because flashing a valid MU ID could get 10, 15, or even 20 percent taken off the purchase.
Student discounts are often forgotten.

At Ann Taylor, students get a 20 percent discount in store
At Ann Taylor, students get a 20 percent discount in store.

“I don’t think I’ve ever used a student discount before. I don’t think I was aware they existed,” said MU senior Mandy Perreault.
Most retailers who offer student discounts don’t advertise them, so students either forget about them or don’t know about them. But with tight budgets, the discounts appeal to many students.
“I would absolutely be more willing to shop at a store if they offered student discounts,” said MU undergrad Nikki Reist, “but not many people do offer student discounts.”
For budget-conscious students who want to shop smart, here are some great places to start shopping with a student discount:
Apple: A valid student ID will get you a discount on certain products, although the percent off depends on the items purchased. Apple also places certain restrictions on quantity (for example, only one notebook may be purchased using a student discount per academic year).
Dell: According to the company’s website, students can save “up to 30% off” PCs with their student discounts.
Journeyed.com: This is a great website for students. Journeyed.com offers massive discounts to students on software, hardware, books, and games. They do require proof of enrollment before purchasing with a discount.
J. Crew: They market specifically to college kids, and as an incentive to shop, they give students and teachers a 15 percent in-store discount. Even better: J. Crew factory stores honor the discount as well.

Apple provides discounts based on the product purchased.
Apple provides discounts based on the product purchased.

Madewell: J. Crew’s sister store is a bit pricier but offers a 15percent in-store student/teacher discount.
Banana Republic: Also marketing to college students, Banana Republic offers a 15 percent off for students and teachers in-store.
Ann Taylor: Dressing for a big interview? Ann Taylor offers trendy suit combinations and a 20 percent off in-store discount for students. Sign up for their email list and receive the discount online as well (click on “Style for Students”).
Ann Taylor Loft: A bit more casual than Ann Taylor, Loft gives students 15 percent off in-store.
The Limited: Savvy shoppers who like this store will love the 15 percent discount in-store.
Charlotte Russe: Trendy clothing and accessories and give students 10 percent off full price items in-store.

*Most retailers only apply discounts to full priced items. Some exclusions may apply.
*Many retailers will ask to see a valid ID before applying the discount.
*Some discounts may be regional/location based. Check with sales associates before purchasing.