Healing through group therapy

Zachary Staab
Assoc. News Editor

The M.U. Center for Counseling & Human Development is preparing students for the spring semester with three new therapy groups. The Center for Counseling & Human Development currently offers personal counseling, crisis intervention, academic counseling, and various other services to help students with emotional and physical concerns. The new groups are focused on creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere for participants to receive professional advice and develop friendships.
The Mindfulness Group will teach students how to manage stress by practicing mediation, deep breathing, thought observation and other therapeutic exercises.
“College students are always busy and stressed with relationships, work and school,” said Clinical Psychologist, Lisa House. “Practicing mindfulness techniques ten minutes a day will help improve concentration, mood, calm feelings, and overall health.” The sessions are designed to build off one another; however, students are encouraged to attend whenever their schedule permits. The Mindfulness Group will meet in Lyle Parlor on Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00p.m. from March 27 through May 1.
Women may want to consider discussing issues at the Women’s Therapy Group. Pre-Doctoral Intern, Sarah Inver, explained, “Topics to discuss might include relationships, self-esteem, traumatic events or friendships.” Meetings will promote an interpersonal environment where women can express their issues, and receive valuable feedback from peers with similar experiences. Women will also be able to have individual therapy counseling.
“We are trying to get a solid group of women to generate a sense of familiarity and trust throughout the group,” said Inver. The Women’s Therapy Group will meet in Lyle 5 on Thursdays from 4:00-5:00p.m. from February 7 thru March 14.
Students who have a parent abusing alcohol or other drugs can learn how to cope at The Family Dynamic Group.
“The six week group will center around exploring the certain roll students have to play because of their parents addiction. By expressing their experiences with peers and counselors, students can learn new techniques for coping,” said Kelsey Backels, Counseling Psychologist. To increase the group dynamic and friendship building, students should try to attend by the second meeting. The Family Dynamics Group meets in SMC 118E on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30p.m. from February 6 through March 13.
Aside from the three new programs above, The Center for Counseling and Human Development offers many free services for students. Alcoholic and Other Drug Counselor, John Baltzer said, “A lot of kids aren’t familiar with the services we provide. Many students are experiencing loneliness, shame, guilt and anger. It’s important to uncover those feelings so healing can begin.”
The M.U. Center for Counseling & Human Development is located at Lyle Hall, third floor. For more information, call 717-872-3122.