Colby ends his Millersville football tenure

Chris Norton
Sports Editor

Colby’s career at Millersville was short-lived due to the consistency of his struggles as head coach.
Colby’s career at Millersville was short-lived due to the consistency of his struggles as head coach.

With his tenure of the Marauder football team now in the past, mixed emotions spread across the Millersville campus after receiving news that Greg Colby has resigned from his position as head coach. In his five years at the school, Colby posted an overall record of 11-44.
While this is nothing to boast about, Colby served as an assistant at The University of Illinois from 1988 to 1995 claiming a Big Ten conference in 1990. The 1975 Illinois alumnus is returning to his alma mater next season, where he will be the new defensive line coach for the Fighting Illini.
The Marauder’s defensive coordinator Ron Rankin has been named interim coach, while the school conducts a nationwide search to find their next ‘Nick Saban.’ Rankin has been on the Millersville staff for 14 years, and has served as the football team’s defensive coordinator for the past two seasons. On top of his already impressive amount of experience, he has coached the defensive line, offensive line, and special teams.
With college football teams like those of The University of Alabama and The University of Notre Dame overshadowing the NCAA with their impressive seasons, it is easy to overlook how they have gotten where they did.
Coaching staffs play an enormous role in a team’s success. While a player’s skill is also vital, that player would not be able to properly apply it without the guidance of a coach. Brian Kelly of Notre Dame and Nick Saban of Alabama have set the quite the standards for an ideal head football coach.
Millersville University is looking for that leadership and athletic genius in their next football mentor. The future of the Marauder football team, while temporarily under construction, looks promising.
Despite the troubles they’ve endured in the past few years, players and coaches look to make a strong start to the 2013 season.
The University thanks Mr. Colby for his time as head coach and would like to wish him the best of luck as he embarks on a new journey at Illinois.