Library opening? Details finally revealed

Alicia Morrissey
Contributing Writer

Computer clusters that will be past the circulation desk.
Computer clusters that will be past the circulation desk.

The time is coming when you will no longer have to sit in your room to study or plug your ears and try to ignore the noise around you at the SMC. Next fall, the library finally opens. New furniture, numerous study rooms, natural lighting, movable whiteboards and stained glass windows will be just some of the new exciting features inside. No snags have been hit during construction, which means everything is right on schedule. Over the summer, books and furniture will be moved back inside and the library is officially open for use by fall 2013.
The new library, now titled the Francine G. McNairy Library and Learning Forum, has many opportunities for students. There will be numerous areas open for individual study and at least 14 study rooms, which will be excellent for group work. The fifth floor has the greatest number of study rooms as well as the most windows; therefore, there will be a lot of natural light to work by. Organizations may also reserve rooms for meetings or schedule events with the library if they wish. Spattered throughout the building will be spots designated for art so students may have the opportunity to have their work displayed for a certain amount of time.
The first floor will probably be used most by students because of the many great features available. Next semester when you’re walking up the winding sidewalk off George Street, you will be facing the only entrance to the building. After walking through the doors and going straight, you will be facing two classrooms: a library classroom and a general classroom. Events will be held in the library classroom as well as workshops that will inform students on how to do research properly and how to find library sources; the second classroom is a glass room in which regular classes will be held.
If you turn left at the entrance, you will be heading in the direction of the café (name to be determined). At the café will be booths similar to the ones in the Upper Deck, as well as tables and high-top counters. If you walk through the comfortable furniture spaced throughout the area, you will be heading towards the glass room that hangs over the George Street and Frederick Street intersection. Students may enjoy using this glass room as a study area because it will be filled with natural lighting, tables and fun spherical chairs. Students may also display their artwork in this room as well, due to the fact that two gallery spaces will be inside.

A rendering of the final outside completing of the Francine G. McNairy Library and Learning Forum building.
A rendering of the final outside completing of the Francine G. McNairy Library and Learning Forum building.

The circulation desk and study areas will be reached by turning right at the entrance. Across from the circulation desk will be a series of watercolor paintings done by senior art student Christopher Miller, who is basing these paintings on literary work. Past the circulation desk will be one row of computers and several clusters of computers. Another glass room will be located in this area as well. This room includes a fireplace with two stained glass windows on either side. Square armchairs with a laptop table similar to the chairs in the SMC will fill this study area; if you’re studying in this room, you will have a beautiful view of the garden outside.
The past two years have not been spent in vain. While you’ve been hiking to Gerhart to look for books or attempting to find quiet spaces to study, the library has been changing to best fit your needs. The Francine G. McNairy Library and Learning Forum is going to be an exciting and extraordinary change within the Millersville community.

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