Danielle Kreider
News Editor

Officer Justin Foreman of the MUPD.
Officer Justin Foreman of the MUPD.

1.) How long have you been with the MUPD?
Six years.
2.) Where did you go to school? What training did you undergo to become a police officer?
I attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) where I received a degree in criminology and a minor in geography. Afterwards in 2006 I attended the police academy at IUP.
3.) Why did you become a police officer?
To make my community just a little bit safer and more enjoyable. I enjoyed feeling safe while growing up in my hometown and I want other people to feel the same way.
4.) Did you always want to be in law enforcement?
Ever since I was a child I’ve wanted to become a police officer.
5.) What do you like most about working for the MUPD?
I enjoy interacting with the student body the most whether it be through crime prevention activities or through my daily interactions.
6.) Do you enjoy being a police officer? Why?
For the most part I enjoy being a police officer but the job is stressful and time consuming. I enjoy educating the public whether through traffic enforcement, Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) classes, crime prevention activities, or just through daily interactions.
7.) What does your job entail?
My job entails foot patrol in public buildings and areas, assisting people with medical ailments or emergencies, RAD classes, traffic enforcement, investigations, arrests when required, crime prevention activities such as “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.”
8.) Do you have any advice for students who are thinking about going into law enforcement?
Don’t give up on your dream no matter who tells you that you cannot do the job, receive a degree in a major not relevant to law enforcement, and most importantly do not get arrested.
9.) Why did you get involved with RAD/TAT?
I became involved with RAD because I want to educate woman on how to lessen their chances of becoming a victim of rape and how they can defend themselves against an aggressor. In my college hometown I remember several members of the female student body were raped over a period of time by a male living in the community. It shocked and scared the community until the male was arrested. I often wondered what would have been if the female student body were offered RAD.
10.) Is there any advice/knowledge you would like to bestow upon the MU students and/or community?
Just to finish your degree and make your family and, most importantly, yourself proud. Also to invest in your community and make positive, lasting relationships with officers.