Minimize the flu at MU

Danielle Kreider
News Editor

It’s that time of year again, the flu season has arrived. Millersville University students and community members should be aware of the signs of the flu and also take precautions to help prevent getting it. MU health officials are recommending for students to take advantage of getting a flu shot here at MU Health Services, it is free of charge. For more information on when the vaccine is being administered and its availability visit
fluEvery student should monitor their health, know the symptoms of the flu, and also remember the most common sanitary factors such as washing hands, avoid contact with people who are sick and get plenty of rest to keep the immune system strong. Any student who does exhibit flu symptoms is encouraged to stay home for at least 24 hours or until they are fever free. If the student is a resident student, they should be confined to their room and contact their RA or graduate hall director for assistance.
Also, resident students who have flu symptoms may order meals for pickup from Dining Services by contacting their RA or graduate hall director. If a roommate or friend is picking up the meal they should have the student’s MU ID card.
Students should seek medical attention if they experience a fever of more than 100.5 degrees, and exhibit acute symptoms. MU Health Services can be contacted at 717-872-3250, to schedule an appointment or to procure more information. Students with the flu should e-mail their professors as soon as possible or call the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at 717-872-3594 and let them know that they have the flu and will not be in class.
If a student is unable to make it to MU Health Services during their hours of operation, additional assistance can be found at these locations: Med Express Health Urgent Care at 717-299-3627, and Lancaster General Health Urgent Care at 717-544-0150.
Students and faculty are reminded that MU Health Services does not provide medical excuses. For information on this policy go to…cuse_Policy.pdf. Professors are asked by the administration for their help and support during these trying times, and to mutually arrange missed class work with students who are ill. MU’s goal is to have a “productive and healthy semester and to minimize the spread of the flu at MU,” as stated by members of the MU administration.