No place for guns in school

Sam Dutton
Opinion Editor

gun]Imagine sitting in a classroom watching the “class clown” laying down his latest prank. The class erupts in laughter and the teacher glares in frustration…she is at the end of her rope on this stressful day and having had enough she reaches into her holster and pulls out her hand gun. This sounds like a scene from a horror movie, but if legislation passes this could be the future of our school systems. I was recently asked by one of my peers what my opinion was on the issue of arming teachers and school administration. The thought had previously never once occurred to me, it just made logical sense to not plant the seed of allowing teachers to carry registered weapons, just as we would never allow for a registered sex offender to become a teacher. Teachers are human, while most have the patience of a saint, its not impossible for them to snap after having a stressful day. This is not to say that a teacher would definitely turn a gun on a student, but rather the all unknowing fact that we cant predict how a teacher will react at every given moment. Why even take the risk of putting our students in danger? It is also necessary to look at the message we would be sending to students if they have teachers that are armed. Do we want our students to feel like they are in an unsafe environment that deems in appropriate for school administration to arm themselves? Don’t we want to harbor a safe learning environment for our students, so that parents don’t have to wonder as they see their child off to school if they will ever see them again? And wouldn’t arming our teachers suggest to our students that we lack a trusting relationship with them and that if a student was to act out violently we could beat them to the punch? In the after math of the devastating Sandy Hook shooting it seems that all anyone talks about is gun violence within our schools. While this was an unfortunate occurrence, school shootings are not a daily occurrence, they do not happen that often. If we were to allow for guns to enter our schools, school shootings would have the potential to be far more prominent because the stage would already be set. If a school desires to have protection then they should leave the safty protection to trained professional law enforcement officers. As Kenneth Trump, the president of the National School Safety and Security Services states There is a huge difference between having trained, certified and commissioned law enforcement officers who are full-time, career public safety professionals that are armed and assigned the duty of protecting students and staff versus having teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers and other non-public safety professionals packing a gun in school with hundreds of children. Guns under no circumstances do not belong in the classroom. Teachers should be armed with textbooks, computers, and papers to grade, not weapons.