Zachary Staab
Assoc. News Editorhazlett

The newly appointed Director of Admissions, Brian Hazlett, is dedicated to improving the application process and recruiter outreach at Millersville University. Hazlett officially started working at Millersville on February 4, 2013. Hazlett was excited to work at Millersville because he was impressed with the university’s desire for higher education and “excited by the ability to be part of a campus with so much passion for greatness.”
Prior to joining the Millersville community, Hazlett recorded more than 16 years of experience in admissions for graduate and undergraduate admissions at three different institutions. Towson University in Maryland, Pa., is the most recent university, besides Millersville, that Hazlett has worked for. While serving as the assistant vice president and director of university admissions at Towson University, Hazlett improved applications by 16 percent by creating the Office of University Admissions. Aside from creating the Office of University Admissions, Hazlett worked to schedule a campus visit for every prospective student. “A campus visit is the number one reason a student will choose to apply and ultimately enroll,” said Hazlett. Hazlett was also credited with strengthening the diversity of incoming students at Towson through various initiatives.
Hazlett started his career in admissions at Philadelphia University and later moved to Binghamton University, where he served as the director of recruitment. Hazlett took the job at Millersville because the majority of his family lives in either Philadelphia or Lancaster. Hazlett also felt that while Towson allowed him to grow professionally, accepting the job at Millersville created more opportunities for him.
As the Director of Admissions at Millersville, Hazlett will let everything soak in before meeting with his team to make revisions. “I don’t believe in breaking down walls until you have a good understanding of why they were built in the first place,” explained Hazlett. The most important aspect of Hazlett’s job, however, is to attract the best and brightens students to Millersville through an improved application and recruitment process. Hazlett is already impressed with the current staff in the admissions office, and mentions their dedication in serving Millersville students by “thinking outside the box” to improve the experience for all prospective and current students.
If the marketing offices at MU creatively markets the university and prospective students visit the campus, Hazlett is confident that “our campus will be on their short list of college choices.”
Hazlett resides in York, Pa., with his wife Heather and daughter Lauren. Brian Hazlett will be launching a blog soon, follow him on Twitter @brianhazlett.