Christian Harding
Staff Writer

Over the past few months, several different opinions have been voiced about what should be done in regards to the proper regulation and usage of automatic weapons. While I don’t pretend to have anything terribly fresh or meaningful to add to the subject, I figured I’d throw in my two cents while the subject is still well in the public consciousness (not that it’s likely to blow over anytime soon).
For starters, while I certainly don’t wish to convey apathy towards this debate, it’s pretty hard not to feel that sometimes it’s a bit fruitless to get fully involved with this issue. And by that, I simply mean that it appears as if most people seem to have taken an extreme position on either side of the debate with very little room for the middle ground.
webgunstats2That’s not to say I’m the first person to ever come to this conclusion (nor would I consider myself to have fallen into the middle ground), but speaking from an outsider’s perspective, whether you think that every single citizen should be armed to the teeth because AMERICA F**K YEAH or if you think every single firearm should be tossed into a rocket headed to the moon, both super-committed angles come off as equally offbeat to those not on either side.
All of that said, it’s easy to see why people are so easily allowing themselves to fall into an all or nothing type of stance, especially under these increasingly heavy circumstances. These positions are being prompted mostly out of fear – an aspect which drives nearly everyone’s involvement here. The fear of (allegedly) having rights being stripped from you or the fear of getting gunned down unexpectedly in public – either way you look at it, this entire situation is driven by a growing sense of fearfulness, which doesn’t always tend to lead to the most rational of solutions.
Of course our commander in chief already has a projected plan for dealing with these issues, though it’s yet to be put into full motion just yet. So whether you like it or not, a solution has been offered and that’s what we have to deal with here. The sad truth of the matter is that there really is no solution which could possibly make both sides equally pleased. Since most liberals aren’t willing to risk another public shooting nor the lives of fellow citizens and certain conservative factions don’t necessarily feel like taking down great grandpa Joe’s antique Civil War rifle off the mantle piece, we’ll just have to learn to adapt to whatever our leaders think is the best way of dealing with this issue.