Nicole Schaffer
Features Writer

The CSIL office is not just for students in clubs; it’s for everyone.
The CSIL office is not just for students in clubs; it’s for everyone.

Over the course of the construction of the new Millersville library, the campus has been alive with student wanderers trying to locate an acceptable study space. Now, four weeks into the semester, even more students are experiencing their first exams and are in need of some quiet places to study.
While most campus residence halls offer various rooms for studying, these are usually not comfortable or quiet. Fortunately, there are many different places for students to peacefully study on campus; however, finding them seems to be the problem.
For Maria Kainz, a new Millersville transfer student, finding a place to study took a while. “This is the third week I have been here as a transfer student, and I did not know where to go. So I have been studying here [Student Memorial Center lobby]. I tried to get into the library, but then realized it wasn’t open yet.”
Although the SMC may be the most obvious place to study for new students such as Kainz, there are quieter places to go that do not involve the constant traffic of students throughout the main lobby. Another space available is The Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, which is a room located across from the SMC Atrium.
Among the students sitting in this room on a Friday afternoon is Millersville senior Jamin Fritz, who studies marketing and likes to use the room for group projects. Fritz prefers this area because of the many square tables, which are ideal for group study sessions because they are very spacious and make it easy for people to work together closely.
Scattered in the downstairs area of the SMC are several more study areas which include the Club DeVille, a commuter lounge area that has chairs with desks, sofas, tables, and many computers. This enclosed area is usually quieter than others and is a favorite among commuter students as well as students who live on campus.

Club de’Ville is a great study space for anyone.
Club de’Ville is a great study space for anyone.

For Millersville sophomore Becca Russ, the Club DeVille is a getaway from all the disturbances of being in her room. “I like going to Club De Ville to study because there are less distractions, and it is quieter.”
Although Russ typically goes to this study area most during finals week, she occasionally goes there when she really needs to focus.
Besides the SMC, the Gerhart building is currently the temporary library and offers study materials such as books, computers, and separate tables for individual learning to take place. The library is open to students during the week from 8 to 10 p.m. with modified hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
On the library website, a list of library-sponsored study rooms in campus halls is also available. From Sunday to Thursday, McComsey 132 and 134 is open from 5 to 9 p.m. and Roddy 259 and Stayer 228, 224 and 214 are all open to students from 6 to 9 p.m. These rooms will be in place for the spring semester and are available on a first come first serve basis. Next time you are in need of a study space, check out one of these peaceful places.