We aren’t all free, or at least not equal

Cat Ardes
Staff Writer

America: land of the free. That’s what we live by right?
As citizens we have the right to work, vote, wear what we like, believe in different gods, bear arms, say what we feel, and to marry who we love. But can each and every one of us really marry who we love? Do we all have that right? Today, some might say we do have that right, others, that they are still striving for it.
Only 9 states have legalized marriage: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Maryland, Maine, and Washington as well as the District of Columbia. Of the 50 states that make up America, 31 states have constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage and six states have laws that do the same.
consequences-of-gay-marriageIt’s become popular to point out that a man and woman can marry and divorce multiple times without any repercussions, yet two women or two men cannot even get married. How can one person be entitled to these rights but another not have equal ones based on sexuality? What makes the sexual preference of one superior to another? Just because one can naturally have a child doesn’t mean that is the way life is supposed to be, though some like to argue this point. It’s irrelevant in this day and people who believe in this seem to be out of touch.
For whatever reason, religion or “faith” seems to play a big role in the decision over whether gay marriage should be legal. Your faith is yours and that’s wonderful. I realize there are many people who believe in the same religion, even gays and lesbians (How about that?). No matter which religion it may be, what one person believes in should not affect another.
It’s clear that more people are becoming more comfortable and accepting of either their own or another’s sexuality but way too much of the population seems to think that what they believe in is above all else. People are going to live their lives no matter what you may believe so what makes a person think what they believe could or should effect someone else?
We are all human beings. We all have emotions, desires, and feelings. It’s 2013 and yes, it takes time for things to change, but if this country is going to use the “we are the land of the free” call to boost its ego then I think we should stop being hypocritical first. Currently, we are not all free and equal.

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