A new search commences: Looking for a new head football coach

Danielle Kreider
News Editor

After the recent resignation of head football coach, Greg Colby, Millersville University is looking for a new coach. The position became available when the head coach took another position at the University of Illinois. Coach Colby is a graduate of the University of Illinois and has family in that area, so he was pleased to be returning home.
A search committee, consisting of faculty, students, staff and alumni will be convened to start the search process. The committee has the responsibility of reviewing the applicants to ensure that they meet the requirements for the position. From the initial application pool the committee will interview candidates and select from the pool candidates who will visit the campus and meet with members of the campus community. From the campus interviews the search committee will recommend to the Vice President for Student Affairs three unranked finalists for consideration.
The University is looking for certain qualities in a head coach. “We are looking for someone who understands the student-athlete model—meaning that first and foremost our students are expected to do well academically. At MU we want to ensure that our students graduate and are able to be successful beyond Millersville University. We believe success for our athletic sports teams includes being competitive, academically successful and ensuring that we are in compliance with NCAA and PSAC rules and regulations. We recognize that part of being competitive includes recruiting talented athletes and to enhance our recruitment strategies we will need to continue to build-up our scholarships for our student-athletes. To do this requires continued focus on getting the message out to our alumni and other supporters about the value of our football program and our entire athletic program for our students and the entire campus community. The head coach will have a large role in this respect as we need someone who can help strengthen our program and the relationships with individuals who see the value in what we are trying to do here at Millersville University for student-athletes,” stated Dr. Aminta Breaux, VP of Student Affairs.
This search will hopefully be concluded by the end of spring semester, as of now the University has received numerous inquiries and resumes from interested individuals and the position has not yet been advertised, so they are hopeful about the upcoming search process.
Dr. Breaux said, “We will see excitement as the new coach will bring their philosophy and their vision on how to build on the legacy of football at MU. I hope to see more students, alumni and the community coming back to cheer on our team and supporting our student-athletes.”
For the last four years Marauder football has struggled to find success, with the hire of a new coach they hope to reverse this trend. “The new coach, like all coaches, cannot do it alone. To have a stronger program will take the fans coming out to cheer on our students. To have a winning program will take the students continuing to do well academically and giving it their all in their respective areas of study—again, a winning program here at MU includes students doing well academically; and a winning program will take everyone helping the university to increase scholarships to help our student-athletes who work hard to balance competing with the demands of their academic programs. Today, many of our students are working and to the extent we can help our student-athletes to balance all that they have on their plates including financing their college education, the more focused our students can be at practice and in competition. So, it takes everyone pulling together—the coach, working with administration, working with alumni, fans and other supporters to build a winning program—on the field, but also producing student-athletes who will be successful in life,” stated Dr. Breaux.
She also stated that, “Football, as with each of our sports teams, helps facilitate the growth and development of our students, including providing opportunities for leadership. As with each sport, it offers students the opportunity to learn and grow through good times—the wins; but it also helps strengthen resolve and character as athletes learn how to overcome adversity when the games and competitions don’t go as planned. Each time they go out to practice and each time they are out giving it their best on the field, it’s a new learning opportunity. Additionally, our sports teams create a time for us to come together as a university and share in the spirit of what it means to be a part of Millersville University. The competitions bring us together in a unique way to cheer on Our team. It is great fun to share the time watching our team on the field, giving it all that they have–their best for their university.”
The University is looking to get the best coach possible to continue to build the program, a program that with improvement may lead to greater morale and a sense of community.