Accepting the new zodiac

Valarie Hetzler
Staff Writer

After having an interesting discussion with a bunch of people about different zodiacs, I just cannot run away without taking my stance on the Ophiuchus debacle that has been taking place for the last 2 or so years. It all began with the recent discovery of the constellation that has been verified by scientists to be indeed a constellation, but instead of facing the facts and delighting in accomplishments of discovery, the general public threw a hissy fit over it.
Evolving is essential to the survival of the human species, and that includes the ability to adapt to new knowledge in order to grow intellectually. Hence, it amazes me what society readily accepts and what it dismisses, but allow me to describe the facts surrounding Ophiuchus before connecting it to a historical anecdote.oiphuchus
The Greek zodiac originally had 12 signs (Tropical System), but with Ophiuchus included (Sidereal System), it changes the astrological sign of almost everyone, including me. Since the Greek zodiac operates on a monthly cycle, if you were born between November 29 and December 17 of any year, you are no longer a Sagittarius, but an Ophiuchus.
Like all the other signs, Ophiuchus has a set of personality traits. The positive? Good-luck prone, wise, intelligent, vivid dreamer/dream interpreter, trustworthy, secretive, rebellious, and tend to receive special treatment. The negative? Prone to the jealousy of others, hypercritical of those with a less fortunate existence, separation from family, and disconnect with others. Some sources say that these traits are a hybrid of those of Scorpio and Sagittarius, which is now sandwiched by Ophiuchus.
However, many former Sagittarii on discussion boards have expressed that they feel more like an Ophiuchus than a Saggitarius, as it seems to be with most people, including a user who said “I used to be an Aries, and I have always thought that I was more like a Pisces,” as Pisces comes before Aries. The funny thing is, in the conversation I had; we compared the Greek zodiac to the Chinese, which operates on a 12-year cycle. With the inclusion of Ophiuchus, I compared my Greek one to my Chinese one, and the crowd totally got a kick out of it when I said that I think a lion has quite more in common with a dragon than a virgin does.
Oddly enough, the dragon equates with Aries, another “fire element” sign. As I mentioned earlier, our society still reflects that of earlier periods in the way that we tend to fight new found information although it is proven true, as was the case with Galileo’s discovery that the Earth is a sphere, not a flapjack. The Christian fundamentalist Loons du Jour got bent out of shape over it with their heresy accusations, because we all know that using your brain is pure blasphemy.
Astrologer Walter Berg confirmed Ophiuchus’ existence in 1995, based on the IAU constellation boundaries in 1930. With new proposals come new and different ways of thinking, so instead of shutting oneself to it and blindly following tradition and trend, people should open their minds more and desire to become smarter. Your brain will thank you for it.