Meet the Officers: Lieutenant Arthur White, Millersville University Police Department

Danielle Kreider
News Editor

Lt. White who has been with the MUPD for 19 years, goes above and beyond the “call of duty.”
Lt. White who has been with the MUPD for 19 years, goes above and beyond the “call of duty.”

1.) How long have you been with the MUPD? 19 years
2.) Where did you go to school? What training did you undergo to become a police officer? I attended Delaware County Community College and obtained my Act 120 certificate to become a Police Officer
3.) Why did you become a police officer? To help people who need assistance and to fight crime, from persons that may have been victimize in a burglary to a small child that may have lost their pet.
4.) Did you always want to be in law enforcement? No, I use to work in the auto body field and enjoy working on vehicles and engines. I became interested in Law Enforcement when I worked as a security officer in Philadelphia.
5.) What do you like most about working for the MUPD? The interactions we have with our community (students) and the ability to work on issues without just pushing them through the system.
6.) Do you enjoy being a police officer, and why? Yes I enjoy being a police officer. In my current position I’m able to work on projects that help improve or better the quality of life for the Millersville community.
7.) What does your job entail? Currently I’m a Lieutenant with the Police Department. Some of my responsibilities are investigations, evidence, special events and parking.
8.) Do you have any advice for students who are thinking about going into law enforcement? This advice is more towards everyone: remember, the things you do now will affect your interviews in the future!
9.) What does being a Lieutenant entail? Same answer as #7
10.) Is there any advice/knowledge you would like to bestow upon the MU students and/or community? Yes, here at Millersville there are a lot of things to offer students, it is a great school with supportive services. They have wonderful professors, counselors and employees that can help you with any stumbling blocks you may come across. Every mountain is climbable.
11.) Did you have to undergo a lot of extra training and/or schooling to become a Lieutenant? No it’s not mandatory to have to “extra” training but most Lieutenants do have extra training. Some of it falls back on your time and experience on the job.
12.) Is being a Lieutenant a lot different from being an officer? I would have to say yes and no, I’m still do the same things that patrol officers do but more on a needed bases. So sometimes when a shift is short, I will come out and work the street with patrol. My main duties as a Lieutenant are more administrative and oversight of certain areas.