Council of Trustees sets room and board prices for 13-14’

Zachary Staab
Assoc. News Editor

The new room, board, and fees for the 2013-2014 school year have been approved by the Millersville University Council of Trustees (COT) at their daily meeting on March 13. The new price for room and board will be $4,816 a semester, an increase of $199 from the 2012-2013 school year price of $4617. COT also approved an increase of $34.50 a semester for undergraduate fees, raising the fee charge to $941.25 per semester. The increase in charges reflect how much they cost to operate (see chart). The COT also approved moving $500,000 from the Soar to Greatness Campaign to establish an endowment to pay for programming in the Ware Center.
The increase in fees was “about what we predicted,” said Roger Bruszewski, vice president for finance and administration. All fee proposals are introduced at a meeting every March by the MU Council, which includes the Director of Social Equity, Vice President, the President’s Chief of Staff, and the President. The proposals are sent to the COT for analysis and the team offers recommendations before approval. “The analysis about what to recommend is done by my office after consultation with the appropriate offices,” said Bruszewski. The members of COT are commissioned by the Governor and approved by the PA Senate. Current members of COT include alumni, Senators, and formal former employees.
Despite COT “working hard to keep the numbers low,” Bruszewski acknowledged that increases in room, board, and fees will “probably” occur each year due to mandatory increases in collective bargaining and utilities. These types of services are not payable with state monies, and must be paid directly from the COT and BOG. The Board of Governors in Harrisburg (BOG) authorizes the the cost of state appropriations, tuition, and technology, whereas the COT has responsibility over all the other accounts, which are called Auxillary Fees. If COT decides that a proposal cannot be authorized, “it would be directed to the president to review and make whatever adjustments they would like to see. If no proposal is acceptable the charges would remain the same,” said Bruszewski.
COT meets four times a year in March, June, September, and December. The tuition fees for 2013-2014 will be decided by the BOG in June and July.